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Pretend Play – Cupcakes

After seeing that I was pretty sure that little boy would LOVE to play baking with mommy. I set up our baking activity.

One small twist was instead of actual cupcakes I created a more of a pretend play set up.Ironically little A made this one into a counting and sorting activity.

Now for the fun part. I gave the bag to little A hoping that he will like it and boy I was right!  It was an instant hit!!
This is what we baked according to him – strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, grass flavour ( because the grass daw is color green), lemon and lastly mocha pretend cupcakes.

Don’t they look realistic and delish?

What we really loved about this pretend cupcakes is that we were able explore the possibilities through playing, practice the ideas and develop his imagination.

Kudos for play based learning.











This is specifically for Daddy A only according to him. he will surprise daddy daw with his blueberry cupcake
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Kids Cuisine – Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you are looking for enjoyable ways to spend more quality time interacting with your kids,teaching them to create fun tasty foods is the perfect way.

When baking with little A I need to choose recipes that are easy,quick and cheap. The cheap part has to do with the fact that most of the times there are measuring and spilling mishaps over flour and egg cracks.

Here’s the recipe that he really love to eat and easy to make.His own version of Chocolate Chip Cookies..

The easy to follow recipe encourage him to practice his counting skills, scooping and pouring and eye and hand coordination.

It also build his self- confidence.

I can see Junior Master  Chef in the future..

Don’t you think so?

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Cooking with toddler – Homemade Pizza

Cooking is a great time for teaching little A! I can use math terms,science term or words that I think my little boy may not know.

ingredients: store bought pizza bread,grated mozarella cheese,green bell pepper,tomato sauce and sweet ham

Though it requires a lot of patience and table-cloth for cleaning the mess.hehe. This tedious and messy bonding time is great example of developing language skills for him.

I intentionally transferred the tomato sauce to the squeeze bottle to practice his fine motor skills.

Even for our little guys, talking about words is important. We want to create word-conscious kids. We want our children to be aware of words, to love words and to listen and look for words wherever they may be.

During the process little A and I are talking about the measurement, counting skills, color recognition,sensorial skills,fine motor skills and expanding his vocabulary words.

When I asked little A to count how many ham he’s putting on the pizza bread he count it in spanish (uno,dos,tres etc). By the way he knew from uno – bente..

Boosting his language skills can be easy through cooking/ play..

ready to bake

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50 uses of vinegar

From cooking and cleaning with vinegar, to gardening and home remedies, vinegar is one of the most versatile—and economical—products you can have on hand.  Here’s the list of great tips and discover a new way to put that bottle of vinegar to work!

Happy Cleaning!

  • Make all purpose cleaners by pouring with equal parts into a spray bottle
  • Clean dirt off your computer and mouse with a little vinegar and a q tip
  • Clean your drains with vinegar and baking soda
  • Wipe away mildew
  • Clean and polish chrome and stainless steel
  • Use as a fruit wash-rinses away germs
  • Erase ballpoint-pen marks
  • Erase crayon marks from clothes
  • Remove stickers and price tags
  • Disinfect cutting boards
  • Restore wood paneling
  • Remove carpet stains
  • Keep car windows frost free
  • Remove candle wax
  • Conceal scratches in wood furniture
  • Get rid of water lines on furniture
  • Freshen your kitchen
  • Trap fruit flies by placing some in a small bowl
  • Wash out your washing machine and dishwasher with 1/2 cup
  • Wash away mildew from your shower curtain
  • Put the sparkle back in your china
  • Remove mineral deposits from shower heads
  • Whiten your grout
  • Clean a coffee maker
  • Remove stains from pots and pans
  • Help bruises heal faster by applying a little vinegar
  • Sooth a soar throat by gargling 1 Tb of apple cider vinegar with 1 tsp of salt
  • Soften your cuticles
  • Clean your toothbrushes
  • Erase scorch marks
  • Unset old stains
  • Soak out blood stains
  • Keep cut fresh flowers fresh
  • Revive your paintbrushes
  • Kill weeds in the yard
  • Peel off wallpaper
  • Clean cloths and sponges
  • Keep unwelcome guest out of the garden
  • Clean counter tops
  • Clean and freshen the smell of the refrigerator
  • Clean and disinfect baby toys
  • Get rid of stubborn bathtub residue
  • Spray vinegar along doorways to keep ants away
  • Treat stained Tupperware stains with vinegar
  • Shine porcelain sinks
  • Pamper your skin by blotting it on with a cotton ball
  • Treat a bee sting by pouring some undistilled vinegar on it
  • Relieve sunburn by lightly rubbing it with vinegar
  • Boil better eggs by adding 2 TB vinegar to the water – keeps them from cracking
  • Make fluffier pancakes by adding 2 TB of vinegar