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Teaching bible verse to kids – Psalm 23-1 “Jesus is our Shepherd…

Happy Sunday everyone!

Here are some playful activities to introduce obeying and trusting God to our children in ways that will really get their attention.

Today I am excited to share to you guys our activity last Friday.

Our lesson is Psalm 23:1 “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”.

And what better way to teach kids about being Jesus Little Sheep than to incorporate it into their everyday play!

When Teacher Eva and I discussed the lesson, we agreed that she will be doing the story-telling and I will discuss the memory verse.

On the day of teaching we have 18 kids in total and we are all happy that we have enough teachers who will assist the kids in doing arts and crafts.We all agreed to combined Level 1 and level 2 since there are only 5 kids in Level 1

Our aim is to teach kids about trusting GOD in our everyday life. We tried to explain that “I shall not want” means that God will take care of all of our needs.  – Because as we trust HIM we are also obeying HIM.

For easy understanding of the verse Psalm 23:1-6, I made Teacher Eva a visual illustration of the verse using tissue rolls and cotton balls for the sheep.

Kids will always be kids! And they always get excited every time they see something new.










For memory verse – I asked them to make sheep and reflect on God as our Shepherd.




After they are done with their sheep, we let the kids to have a moment of reflection by encouraging them to  share this verse with their parents when they pick them up so their parents will be able to help them practice at home. I printed sticker labels that has Psalm 23:1 written on it and stick at the back of the paper plate.



Right after handling the materials..they all get excited!
And here is the craft we did. It turned out SO cute
They are all enjoying playing their sheep on the green pasture..
While we are busy assisting kids I heard that kids who are done with their artwork are busy playing on the green pastures and they are making sounds. At first I thought mali lang ako ng dinig but when everybody were making noise of saying “MEE-MEE”. I was laughing at them and remind them that the sound of the sheep is “BAA..BAA..”. I guess teachers will agree that we all had a fun time teaching these kiddos..
Special thanks to Teacher Eva, Teacher Annie and Teacher Rossette..

.As the children leave, we reminded them their sheep and say, “Take this home and put it in a special place that you can see everyday. This sheep will remind you that God is our Shepherd and He loves His little sheep deeply!”

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Teaching bible verse to kids – (1 Peter 5: 7)

When I received the email about the lesson for the Friday teaching I was so worried that the topic is kinda difficult for kids to understand. For months now that I am teaching aged 5-6 I know that it will be more interactive if I will be using visuals that can truly capture their interest.

Lesson: Our Father Cares

Aim – To help children understand that God cares,provides and protects his people. We really need not to worry if we completely put our trust to HIM.

Discussion – First I asked the kids what is their greatest fear. Is there particular things that they are afraid of. Actually this part is truly amazing because when you start to ask questions to them there will be an never-ending replies from them. Interaction is the main key!

Some of them said darkness while the others said monster,dinosaurs, ghosts and mu-mu. Then I asked again how they usually deal with their fears. I smiled when I got only one answer from them ” I always pray teacher when I am afraid”. Hearing the answer from them I knew right away that these kids will surely understand the topic for the day.

Bible Story – Book of Exodus

  • Moses called by God to bring Israelites out to a new land
  • Pharoah unwilling to let them go
  • God sends ten plagues until Pharoah agrees

photo 11

1.The Nile river turns to blood. All the fish die and the Egyptians have to dig new wells for water.
2. Frogs come up from the water and cover the land. When they die, all of Egypt smells really bad.
3. Gnats (which are those teeny tiny bugs) come up from the dust and swarm over all of Egypt.
4. Flies swarm over all the land, causing all kinds of problems with sickness and food and comfort.
5. The cows and donkeys and sheep in Egypt will get sick and die except for the Hebrew’s livestock.
6. Sores (called boils) break out on all the Egyptians, all over their bodies, but not on the Hebrews.
7. A great hailstorm destroys the crops in the fields and kills many of the Egyptian’s livestock.
8. A swarm of beetles called locusts swarms over the fields and eats the remaining plants and crops.
9. Total darkness covers all of Egypt for three days, however the Hebrews still have light.
10. The firstborn son of every family will die except for the families that put the blood of a lamb on their door.

In Exodus we can see how Egyptians were begging the king to let the Hebrews go, but he was so hard-hearted that he still refused. So what finally convinced the king to let the Hebrew slaves go?The king woke up in the middle of the night to the queen’s cry because their oldest son had died. He went right away to Moses and told him to leave Egypt.

  • Pharoah changed his minds again and wanted them back
  • Pharoah sent his soldiers to bring the people back to be slaves

The Bible says that the Hebrews called out to God for help.

  • God sent an angel to guard the back of the people
  • God put cloud between the people and the army so they Egyptians could not see properly
  • God told Moses to hold out his arm over the sea and a strong wind blew back the water and made a dry path.

photo (2)

  • The Israelites went through the path to safety
  • The Egyptian chariots got stuck in the mud and the water came back and drowned them.

photo (1)

Memory Verse – Leave all your worries with God, for He cares for you (1 Peter 5: 7)

Fortunately, my schedule was after Valentines’s day.What’s a heart’s day without some hearts thrown in?

I decided to print and cut out lots of hearts card. When I look at these beautiful people, it just makes me happy to think that kids will surely impress their parents with their handmade cards.

photo (2)1

photo (1)3

I was pleasantly surprised to discover how easy and fun this project was. They all get excited!

photo (3)

Super simple…but what a nice gift to give to someone that definitely says “i love you” all over it. I would definitely be impressed and delighted to receive something like this…

photo (14)

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Teaching bible verse to kids – Ephesians 5:16

Good morning, madlang people! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! Can you believe that we are now in midweek of  October? Seriously…where does the summer go? Here in UAE the temperature is starting to cool down and this is the perfect weather to enjoy outdoor activity. I can smell BBQ party..hehe

Anyhoot, today I’ll share the fun activity we did last Friday in our Kids Church. I was assigned again to teach the Level 1 – Preschool and our  lesson is about ” Using TIME to please GOD”.

To give life to the story of Paul using his time for Jesus (Acts 18: 1-11), I thought of pretend play. The idea is like as if they are watching TV,our baking tray served as our LCD- TV.I printed paper dolls for Paul,Priscilla, Aquilla and Jews. I added magnetic strip on each doll.

After narrating the story.We reviewed them by asking questions like Where did Paul go? or Do they think God was pleased with the way Paul used his time in Corinth? This is also the best time to squeeze in the memory verse.

To make memory verse easy and fun activity. I gave each child their own clock. I glued the verse on the hands of time explaining that the best use of our time is to spend it in pleasing God. A simple reminder for them to use their time wisely.

Ephesians 5: 16.

Tic-Toc -Make-the

Tic – Toc -best use

Tic – Toc – of your

Tic -Toc – TIME

For extra fun – I also offered stickers as well.Who wouldn’t like stickers??

I remember when I was a child my classmates and I would exchanged our stickers (Rainbow Brite) stationaries and kisses (ung nanganganak daw pag nilagay sa bulak..hahaha)#childhoodmemories.

Because I knew it will be hard for me to get activity stickers I improvised. I google images of a child praying,reading bible,going to school,taking a bath, helping parents doing household chores and printed it on the sticker label. Viola! Instant hit!!

While doing the arts and crafts with kids they were so excited even little A discuss his time management with my co-teacher Odette. Teacher Odette was so helpful she’s one of senior teacher. She’s strict yet very charming to the kids.The kids were so thrilled to share their activities.

Don’t you just love the part where parents are entrusting their child to us for a couple of hours. And us as a teacher we are given a task to mold the minds of these little people.

For me they maybe too young at their age but if we continue to nurture them with gospel then in God’s grace we can expect that we will have a great future leaders.

Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart
from it.

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone..

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Teaching Bible verse to kids (Exodus 2:15-22)

Well hello there! I hope you all have a chance to spend some fun time with family and friends last weekend.Albeit,everyone is back in the swing of back-to-work routines now, and life is getting busier than ever.

We had a great weekend that I can’t wait to share.

As you all know I am part of Kids Ministry in our church and last Friday I had the privileged to teach the Level 1 – Preschool.The class was mainly  between the age of 5-6 years old.

Our lesson is about “Helping people in need”. In this lesson the best example to impart the values of helping was the biblical chapter of Exodus 2: 15-22. The chapter is how Moses defends the lady shepherd.

Just a quick kwento – When I was preparing my lesson my sister and hubby saw the props I will use supposedly for Friday and they make lait as in they were laughing. I can’t blame them kasi originally I printed images which is not age appropriate. Don’t get wrong but the only images I’ve found in google are mostly paintings. Since Thursday was a busy day for me at work I didn’t have the chance to research which obviously is not an excuse. So after all tha lait and kutya – (which I must say is my realization point!) I came up with another idea. It really helps when you’re praying and trusting God to help you in times of cramming. When your mind can’t think and all you have to do is surrendered to HIM and trust that everything will work according to his plan.

That’s where the idea of story telling came up. I remember my sister keeps on reminding me ‘ate yung props mo nmn parang greyego tsaka parang di ikaw yan”.

I used materials readily available in our home. Tissue rolls, clothes pin, clip arts and even little A’s coloring books.

And here’s what I end up:

I’m up till 2 am just to finish my lesson.It was tiring yet very fulfilling. When I’m done I feel so relieved. Ang kyoot ng result.

For memory verse I printed two faces (boy and girl). My plan is – I will ask the kids on what will they feel if they help people who are in need. Will they follow Moses example on defending the daughters of Jethro from a bad male shepherds? Does helping others is a happy feeling?

I made sure to make it simple for them to understand the verse (Proverbs 11:25) Helped others,and you will be helped..

Come Friday afternoon and everything was set. My lesson and the kids. My co-teacher Jenny was in-charge for the application and food distribution.

The verdict – It was a huge success! Not because of me but because God gave me wisdom to teach to these little creatures about hiswords. They loved how I demonstrated the story. Whenever I will changed the tone of my voice you can see they are giggling and laughing. When I asked them if they will offer help when they see a person in need they all agreed and said yes! They said that it is happy to help and it will be pleasing to daddy God’s eyes. And also when I’m about to give the characters no one took home the bad shepherds. Ayaw da nila kasi bad guys!

And for the drawing – they all created a happy faces. Oh yes, not to mentioned, they are all excited to get a star..

What a blessing to be part of Kids Ministry.