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Goodbye Multiply..I will surely miss you!

I don’t know if some of you still familiar with Multiply social networking. But here ‘s the news last week I received email from Multiply informing me that they will focus to online shopping & selling, and no longer support the social networking features beyond December 1, 2012.

I got alarmed kasi I stored all the pics I took from my Friendster account previously.

Luckily, we still have two months to preserve the content of our page such as blog,video,photos and etc..

If you have account and want to save your photos then you must export everything on your page or all the memories will be lost same as what happen to Friendster..

Just follow the following steps..

The export tools are now available below your headshot on your Multiply site and enable you to do the following:

  1. Download your content to your computer
  2. Export to Blogger (a blogging platform owned by Google)

There are efforts to offer ways to migrate your content to other platforms such as Tumblr and WordPress but these are still in the works and we will keep you updated as things progress.

Using the export tool:

  1. Visit your Multiply page (example:
  2. Click one of the options available on your Multiply page (below your headshot):
    1. Download Media: to download all media files
    2. Export to Blogger: to transfer your blogs to your Blogger page
      1. Choose file you would like to download
      2. You will receive an email (via the email address registered to your Multiply account) containing a link to download all your Multiply files along with instructions on how to import them to Blogger.

Anyway, while I was exporting my page I saw some old photos that brings smile on my face. I never thought that I always update my account before..hahaha

model-modelan lang..
my kiddie 30th birthday party @ Chowking
honey’s bday celebration @ MINATO with old friends
Dubai prenup pics
Our magazine featured us in May ’08 issue..haha

And lastly I informed my friends and family that the waiting is over because “I’m pregnant na’!!

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Seafood Celebration – The Red Lobster,Dubai Mall

If you are looking for a dining experience that you will enjoy then I vouch for The Red Lobster located in Dubai Mall.An all- out celebration of seafood grills .

With mesmerizing view of the Dubai Fountain,live lobster display tank and a family style dining ambience,perfect for casual dining.The Red Lobster has a copious amounts of treats to indulge in including dishes from the a la carte menu. Fish,seafood and lobster feature predominantly on the menu.

Tuck into perfectly spiced lobster and shellfish straight from the grill you can surely indluge the freshness of the food.The secret behind its delicious taste is in its unique wood-fire grill technique that gives the dishes the perfect flavor in a great atmosphere and affordable price.The famous triple wood-fire grill seafood (shrimp,lobster and scallop with side dish and rice) remain as highlights on the menu,perfect for sharing with family and friends.

A free delightful biscuits complements the seafood at The Red Lobster.

Call 04 3253131 for reservations.

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Teaching Bible verse to kids (Exodus 2:15-22)

Well hello there! I hope you all have a chance to spend some fun time with family and friends last weekend.Albeit,everyone is back in the swing of back-to-work routines now, and life is getting busier than ever.

We had a great weekend that I can’t wait to share.

As you all know I am part of Kids Ministry in our church and last Friday I had the privileged to teach the Level 1 – Preschool.The class was mainly  between the age of 5-6 years old.

Our lesson is about “Helping people in need”. In this lesson the best example to impart the values of helping was the biblical chapter of Exodus 2: 15-22. The chapter is how Moses defends the lady shepherd.

Just a quick kwento – When I was preparing my lesson my sister and hubby saw the props I will use supposedly for Friday and they make lait as in they were laughing. I can’t blame them kasi originally I printed images which is not age appropriate. Don’t get wrong but the only images I’ve found in google are mostly paintings. Since Thursday was a busy day for me at work I didn’t have the chance to research which obviously is not an excuse. So after all tha lait and kutya – (which I must say is my realization point!) I came up with another idea. It really helps when you’re praying and trusting God to help you in times of cramming. When your mind can’t think and all you have to do is surrendered to HIM and trust that everything will work according to his plan.

That’s where the idea of story telling came up. I remember my sister keeps on reminding me ‘ate yung props mo nmn parang greyego tsaka parang di ikaw yan”.

I used materials readily available in our home. Tissue rolls, clothes pin, clip arts and even little A’s coloring books.

And here’s what I end up:

I’m up till 2 am just to finish my lesson.It was tiring yet very fulfilling. When I’m done I feel so relieved. Ang kyoot ng result.

For memory verse I printed two faces (boy and girl). My plan is – I will ask the kids on what will they feel if they help people who are in need. Will they follow Moses example on defending the daughters of Jethro from a bad male shepherds? Does helping others is a happy feeling?

I made sure to make it simple for them to understand the verse (Proverbs 11:25) Helped others,and you will be helped..

Come Friday afternoon and everything was set. My lesson and the kids. My co-teacher Jenny was in-charge for the application and food distribution.

The verdict – It was a huge success! Not because of me but because God gave me wisdom to teach to these little creatures about hiswords. They loved how I demonstrated the story. Whenever I will changed the tone of my voice you can see they are giggling and laughing. When I asked them if they will offer help when they see a person in need they all agreed and said yes! They said that it is happy to help and it will be pleasing to daddy God’s eyes. And also when I’m about to give the characters no one took home the bad shepherds. Ayaw da nila kasi bad guys!

And for the drawing – they all created a happy faces. Oh yes, not to mentioned, they are all excited to get a star..

What a blessing to be part of Kids Ministry.

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Pastillas ala Raquiza

There was always that favorite dessert in our house. But there is something with these Pastillas that makes it special. I guess we will all agree when I say that these milk candy are the most common pasalubong or dessert of us filipinos. Aminin!!

It is usually made of three main ingredients only condensed milk,powdered milk and sugar for coating.


  • 2 cups powdered milk
  • 1 can sweetened condensed milk – 300 ml
  • sugar for coating


  • Pour the condensed milk in the bowl
  • Sift in the powdered milk.
  • Mix well.
  • Using your hands, form mixture into round balls or into 2-inch long rectangular-shaped pieces.
  • Roll each piece in sugar to coat.
  • Your pastillas is done!  It’s as easy as that.  Then wrap each pastillas with cellophane or colored tissue paper.
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Birthday @ home

For daddy’s celebration we just ordered chicken in KFC. We don’t want to go out and eat outside kasi it’s late na din and we’re planning to go out naman this Friday after church. And because we are all lazy to go out and I am lazy to bake I also ordered 1 slice of chocolate cake..hehehe

Happy Birthday again Daddy!! As I always said to you, I’m so proud of you! Thank you for taking care of us. For being a good father and a loving husband. I am glad that you are ageing gracefully. You come to know the Lord in a real and personal way and allowing Him to fill your heart
with his boundless love. A heart full of love produces a face full of joy.

Remember “Life is too short ” kaya we should always show our love to each other everyday!!Kaya naman I’ll never get tired of saying “I love you so much!! mwahhh..

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Don’t be afraid,Mom” Jesus is here”

Last night before our bedtime story little A asked if we can still play “hiding the blanket” first. Actually this is one of our bonding also. We will hide under the blanket and then daddy or tita keke will look for us.
 Mommy: (me whispering to him) “what’s that”
Little A : Don’t whisper mom, say “what’s that” (in a louder tone)
Mommy: Ok, what’s that (following his tone)
Mommy: Little A have you heard something??
Little A: No!
Mommy: I think there’s owl outside
Little A: Don’t be afraid,Mom” Jesus is here
Mommy: Really? Where
Little A : Yes! (nodding) In my heart…he’s protecting us!!
Aww..I’m so overwhelmed naman that he really knew that Jesus is always protecting us.
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I wish I have a magic lamp!

Little A is scheduled to go to dentist later luckily daddy is off today. We are so worried about his teeth because at his age sobrang lakas pa ding mag milk even at night. Our main concern is to prevent dental carries that might lead sa pagkabungi.

We booked him for dental check-up,cleaning and flouride for kids. I know it will be a big task for daddy to be alone in the clinic. With a toddler that has phobia with dentist I’m hoping little A will cooperate.

I have duty and can’t take off today as we are near the deadline. I’m working in a publishing company by the way..

Just now I called the house to check how are they doing and the next thing I knew little A is asking me to go home.

Mommy: How are you? How’s your day with daddy?

Little A: I cried.

Mommy: Why?

Little A: Because daddy said we will go to dentist. I don’t like mommy,I want you to be here. Can you come here,please…Im’afraid!

Haist! Times like this, I just wish I have a magic lamp. So I could easily ask the genie to send me home and comfort my son.#rantofaworkingmom..