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Christmas Calendar Countdown: Day 18- Snowflakes

For day 18 of our christmas calendar countdown we made a snowflakes out of popsicle stick craft!

As you can see the “craft sticks” here are actually Starbucks’ stir sticks. I grab a few when we had our bonding time.
I just love how long and delicate these stir sticks are; perfect for snowflakes! You could certainly use regular craft sticks to make these ornaments though.

These snowflakes are fun, easy, and so inexpensive to make. You could also coat them in glitter or whatever art supplies you have on hand. Buttons will be a neat addition too. You could hang them in your window, over a door instead of a wreath. And why stop with ornaments you can add it to your presents as embelishment.



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Christmas Calendar Countdown: Day 17 – Make wrapping paper

Have you been wrapping up presents?
Maybe your kids would like to help. They’ll love giving a present that they made look beautiful.

Today the Christmas activity is:
Make Wrapping Paper!


Instead of using store bought wrapping paper I encourage kuya A to made some using my nativity cookie cutter set and paint.


I love how simple this easy Christmas craft is, it let him explore with colors and create something fun to give to his friends.


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Christmas Calendar Countdown: Day 14- Watch Ice Age Show

For the past 3 years we have been bringing Kuya A to the Sharjah Water Festival to see what’s new.

Every year kasi iba-iba ang pakulo nila. And this year one of the entertainment is the all time favorite of the children, Sid’s Ice Age Adventure Camp, a 25-minute interactive show where kids are encouraged to shout out responses, get involved in all the activities.

Children may also laugh at the performances of the roaming clowns and play on the Climbing Wall and Bungee Trampoline, and take part at the Skate Park, Bag Jump Show, Heritage Area, Roaming Musicians Shows.





Sharjah Water Festival will be open from December 11 – 21, 2013. Park timing is 4pm till 11pm.Entrance fee to the park is Dh10.

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Christmas Calendar Countdown: Day 10- Rudolph the red nosed reindeer

15 days before christmas and today’s activity is one of the most popular Christmas characters for children.

December 10 – we made a cute little reindeer craft.

Rudolph the red nosed reindeer hat!

Materials needed:

Construction paper
Googly eyes
Brown tempera paint

We used little A’s handprints as Rudolph’s antlers and they turned out adorable.

We didn’t have brown paint so we mixed green and red paint that worked just fine! Lastly, add the googly eyes and draw a nose using red paint.

I think this is a fun christmas activities to do with your children.




Presenting…A happy little reindeer ready for Christmas!


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Christmas Calendar Countdown: Day 7 – Little Gingerbread Man

Hello Darlings!

December 7th – this is a fun little activity to do over the weekend.

For the past whole week we’be been doing activities that is christmas related and I must say that as the day went on the little man is getting more excited!

Today the Christmas activity is:

Gingerbread Man Clay


But warning this is not a neat idea especially if your assistant is so thrilled! Expect for a challenging mess!


If your curious how to make homemade clay, it just like any other version. But the only difference is the pretty brown color and the rich enticing aroma.




The good thing about this gingerbread recipe is we wont be needing to turn on the oven.But the fragrance of the spices,your home will smell as if you are baking a real gingerbread cookies except for the taste!! hehe



And because the little man is a fan of Ben 10, he started to create one of Ben 10 monster.

Meet the funny face of Humungousaur..