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Pregnancy updates @ 13 weeks

To set the record straight I am only 13 weeks pregnant though I looked like 5 months so please stop asking me what’s the gender because if you guys are excited to know we are much elated to find out.

So what’s the development of baby wiggle @ 13 weeks:

Baby Wiggle @ 13 weeks
Baby Wiggle @ 13 weeks

How I’m feeling: Morning sickness is lessen. Thank God to Navidoxine! I was prescribed to take the tablet twice a day for ten days due to extreme vomiting and nausea. I was also admitted (again!) because of dehydration,need to be dextrosed and advised to take bed rest for a week. But the good news is – Hypertension is getting better.

Dislikes: I hate perfumes! Most especially the smell of the lotion particularly Shea Butter or Chocolate scent. It makes me sick the whole day!!

Total Weight Gain/loss: I lost weight though I looked fat. Maybe effect of morning sickness.
Maternity Clothes: None yet – I am still using my old dresses.
Gender: We’ll find out on June 30. I am scheduled for Morphology scan.So excited!
Movement: I don’t know if I am just paranoid but I can feel that baby wiggle is moving. Not sure though kasi maaga pa daw para dun..
Sleep: So far I still don’t have sleepless nights. In fact, I sleep like a baby..
What I miss: Drinking coffee and Chips!!
Cravings: I am into vegetable so far…wehehe
Symptoms: I get a little queasy at night still and my energy levels are lacking as well.
Best moment so far: Since we wanted little A to be involved with my pregnancy,we let him to be inside the room.We’re all thrilled while looking at the monitor.Baby wiggle is so pa-impress even my OB noticed it. At first she waved her hand and then maybe she heard little A voice she waved her both hands!! So priceless!! .(assuming it’s a girl!!) hehe..
After the ultrasound little A grabbed the scan photo to me and he’s making yabang to Dr. Anne. He said ” look doctor our baby is moving..see?? Even when we left the room he’s still holding it and he’s showing it to other patients..
Baby Wiggle @ 13 weeks
Baby Wiggle @ 13 weeks
Hope you’re having a wonderful week!
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Thank you Raquiza…

Every time my sister is off she will automatically go home to Sharjah and spend her off babysitting little A. Not only she’s enjoying it but she loves to do household chores in our house. Sometimes nga naiinis na ko kasi ang sipag nia. When she learnt that I am pregnant and I am experiencing extreme morning sickness she’ll go home even if it’s not her off just to cooked for us. I am so lucky kasi she’s really a great help to our family considering how far Sharjah is. When she’s home the first thing she’ll do is to check our food stocks. Once everything is planned,the next thing I knew she already prepared food good for 3 days. With ibat-ibang putahe ha..

Today I woke up late alam mo naman pag buntis hirap bumangon so I am alarmed kasi my lunch pack is not yet ready and I don’t have enough time na to do it.To my surprise everything is ready na dadamputin ko na lang..she prepared a complete baon from breakfast, mid snack, lunch and meryenda..happy tummy na naman si mommy!

To Raquiza – thank you for taking care of us!! Promise di ko na lalaiitin manliligaw mo..hehehe. But really I really appreciate your kindness and love to us!! (umaarte..hahaha)

homemade tuna sandwich complete with vegetable!!
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Feel – good weekend…

How was your week been so far? I’ve been catching up on some much-needed rest and sleep. Morning sickness is driving me crazy! Can’t even find time to play with little A and it’s really frustrating. Luckily, even at his young age he understand mommy’s condition. He’s always praying for me, asking Papa Jesus to lay his healing hand to me every time he sees me vomiting.

I wanted to de-stress myself so I will share Baby Wiggle’s first photo-shoot. Taken last April 13 when we finally heard the heartbeat. I couldn’t contain my excitement. It’s like I am newbie mom again. I gushed when I saw daddy’s A smile “ngiting abot sa tenga”…

001 (2)

On the other news the result of my hypertension turns out badly. I am into medication and was advised not to miss single pill. I was also being told to cut my salt intake. Meaning no junk food but rather eat more veggies and fruits. Healthy lifestyle = Healthy pregnancy. But of course temptation is always around the corner..hahaha

Last Friday we were invited by our dear friend Anne. Dumating kasi ang kanyang habibi from Qatar. Mark is completely opposite of Anne. While Anne can be the life of the crowd, Mark on the other hand is a quiet type guy. But one thing I liked about him is his genuine love for Anne. I am happy seeing them together!! Little A was in the mood as well, he’s so pabibo and kept on entertaining us with his version of Gangnam Style.Sing and Dance lang ang peg nia. I don’t know if we were just too hungry or were all busy that we forgot to have group picture and decent shot sa aming table.hehe

Once again thank you Anne and Mark for the treat!! Next time we’ll get bigger table para di madalian ang pag-ubos sa food!! hahaha..







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Oplan: Lusaw Taba

This is ain’t about New Years Resolution..

Trust me, I was extremely motivated by hubby and little A.

After few meters of running..

Me: I’m so tired little A

Little A: you can do it mommy,you should!Go and run!

And I am happy to share my weightloss goal. If papayat nga kami..hehe

Let’s start on a positive motivation…

“Oplan Lusaw Taba”

photo (12)

photo (11)

photo (10)


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New Year..New You

I was never a fan of doing any New Year Resolution because of the fact that I often failed.

It’s not the first time I aim to lose weight in a healthy way, I won’t lie, I am the most lazy person when it comes to exercising. Believe me, I tried but after the muscle pain I will stop and go back to my old ways of looking for a quicker solution.

Indeed, most of the time I end up taking medicine,herbal tea or worst slimming coffee..


After gaining so much weight after the holiday I can feel something was wrong with me.My skin is so dry. My face is so bloated, my belly is bulging like butete.And the worst nightmare ang braso ko ay di paawat sa paglaki lalo! Yaiks! Blame it to the all the sweets and weekly christmas party.hehehe Lesson learned – wag PG! as in Patay Gutom..huhu



Yesterday was a great motivation!Hubby encouraged me to try running. Me running?? Sa kupad kong to?? Sige na nga!

We woke up early and jogged along Al Majaz park.Hubby said that we MUST do it regulary.In fact bumili na sia ng jogging pants nia..Wow determinado!!

Hmmm,let’s see! Sana nga kaya ng powers ko!


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Explore,Express and Enjoy! – Let’s get physical

As a working parents we make sure to spend the most of our weekend with fun and memoirs.

Yesterday after doing our household chores hubby and I decided to visit Al Majaz Park. It is located between Jamal Abdul Nasser Street and the Corniche of the Khalid Lagoon, a vital residential and commercial district few kilometers away from our house.

While this is a great time that offer hours of pleasure without great expense..This is also a better time to sneak in some learning to little A.

Little A may not see climbing,running, jumping and playing games as exercise but it is beneficial in boosting his stamina and energy levels as well as as building healthy muscles and bones.

It was quite an impressive seeing Daddy Al and Little A revel in being adventerous and extending and experimenting with their physical capabilities.

I love how such a simple activity kept him happily occupied for a long time–all while burning lots of extra energy!

Above all physical play is FUN.

While for others it could be a relaxing day out-watching birds, reading books or just chillin.

For us with a toddler that is so active  it could be a very tiring yet the best genuine quality time together as a family.

No day out is complete without a treat! A cup of frapp, chocolate cookies and donuts from Tim Hortons fits all..

Have fun playing outside with your kids this summer!