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Fine motor fun -popsicle sticks through a pringles tube

Here is a very simple activity that engages children on practicing their fine motor skills.

Instead of putting popsicle sticks on the box  why not ask your little tot to insert them one at a time in an empty canister/clear plastic bottle with small hole/slot.

Learning and practicing skills without even knowing it.

You can try beads,coins,pom – poms or pipe cleaners. Just make sure they do not put anything small in their mouths.

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Fun with Opposites

As a learning activity to help little A to learn Opposites . I set out the materials on his play table during his nap..It includes CD’s,cotton for SOFT, colored pasta for HARD,net for ROUGH and satin lace for SMOOTH. Little A and I have been enjoying the time exploring some of the materials we already have in the house. A super fun, messy [but yet clean] sensory activity for him.

I usually try one time to show to him how to do it properly but he refused to do it that way and goes on the way he wants. One thing I learned from teaching him is most activities don’t really turn out like I plan.

But the most essential part is he can expressed himself, he likes what he’s doing and we are having good times. And that’s all that really matters, right?

So I stopped interfering,looked at him and I smiled when he’s starting to show interest. He took the colored pasta and paste it in the CD, then grabbed the cotton and placed it on the CD. The little boy knew exactly what he’s doing and I am a bit nostalgic because he wants to do it by himself without the help of mommy. My heart wants to soar and ache at the same time. He’s growing fast and he’s becoming really smart.

When he’s done I realized that it’s really true that the process of creating craft projects is always more important than the end result. Allowing Little A brings out his creative expression reflects his own unique style and creativity…

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E is for Easter egg painting

While little A was so immersed playing the Angry Birds bowling set I gathered all the materials needed for our next activity. Actually I really don’t have any idea if this will work but I knew we have to at least try and find out. In the end it sort of worked, we had fun, little A have blue fingers and glitters all over.A simple activity for Easter that is easy to do and looks lovely too..


  • Cooled hard boiled egg
  • Paint brush
  • Tempera paint
  • Glitters (I used gold stars for added fun)

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Angry Birds craze..

angry birds bowling set

Angry Birds bowling set is always on my to do list. But for some reason I am so lazy to do this craft. And since Easter is fast approaching and the Angry Bird craze is sweeping the internet, so I figured this would be perfect for Easter activities.These little birds are everywhere and almost all of the people I knew are getting addicted playing this application. Hubby became fanatic and even the little one does too! Though he doesn’t know how to play it correctly.

I had this template ages ago. This was supposed to be for hubby’s birthday. We wanted to have Angry Birds theme party but in the end we decided to just join his colleagues for their birthday celebration.

So here is what you will need to create the Angry Birds Bowling set

  • Empty plastic bottles (1.5L)
  • Colored papers (Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, White & Black)
  • Angry Birds Balloon Template  ( – it’s a free template!
  • Tape
  • Printer Paper
  • Scissors

I used 6 bottles for the birds and spiderman ball for pig. It’s an easy peasy thing to do cut the colored papers horizontally,wrapped in the bottle,sticked their face and TADA!! You are now ready for an hour of fun and laughters!!

smile first before the action takes place

let the fun begin..
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Bricks of FUN

During our series of family words, I was contemplating of how I could use the bricks/legos for our activity. As I mulled over how this could be done, an idea popped into my head. My main objective was he will manipulate lego pieces to form a word using OT Family words.

Materials needed:

  • Legos
  • Pens
  • Sticker labels

As usual I can only do the preparation while his taking his nap.

Here’s how to do:

 I wrote the letters on the labels and  and make sure that the letters are readable, sticked to the lego and VIOLA! It turns outright exactly the way I want it. I made sure that he can easily follow the instruction to eliminate frustration on him.

blocks of childhood

When he’s starting playing it we stacked them and tried to build some towers. Then he alligned the bricks to form a train.

So you see little A can learn a lot from these simple toys.It’s so easy and lot’s of FUN too..

Im always love finding fun ways to incorporate toys we have into learning tools.If you have any ideas please share. Sharing is Caring!!

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It’s Bath time..It’s Playtime

There was a time when little A became adamantly opposed to taking a bath. He even got upset by water running when I filled the tub,maybe because he thinks that I am depriving him from playing.Hubby and I were thinking of a tactics of how could we  make our bath time into an adventure. Here’s the strategy that works magically for us. Goodbye drama..Hello Bath time!!

  • The little boy has a passion with anything blue now a days(check)
  • He loves to play (check)
  • We have tons of empty plastic bottles (check)
  • We have spare sponges (check)
  • Bath toys (check)

One time while little A was so busy playing around the house. I used his old bath tub filled it with toys like empty shampoo bottles,sponges,empty water bottles,rubber duckies and bath bowl or tabo sa tagalog.

The minute we walked through the door Little A was jumping with elevated joy seeing the water turned blue. I used food coloring by the way. It’s so amusing watching him squirting toys, squeezing sponges and pouring with cups and funnels.

Tip: Bath time/Play time is also a fabulous chance to work those muscles needed for fine motor control.Learning and practising skills without even knowing it. (super check!)

What about you mommies do you have any tips on how we can make our bath time more fun.I’m a newbie mom and I’d love to hear from you…