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Mommy, look at me..

Do i look handsome??



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Mommy,I have suprise for you!!

Received a call this morning from little A. He was so excited to tell me that he has surprise for me.

Little A – Mommy, when you come home I have surprise for you..

Mommy – Really? I am so excited to see that..

Little A – Later mommy I will show it to you..

Mommy – Ok, see you later I love you..

Little A – I love you too mommy!

When he passed on the phone to his Tita Raquiza, I asked her what’s the surprise and she send this photo.Raquiza said that litte A spell the words on his own!

Ang sweet!!


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Will you be my mommy again?

Our weekend was jam packed with tons of pre-writing skills. While preparing for lessons, I talked to Angelo.

Mommy: Angelo I am your teacher today.We will do activities to help your writing skills. Is that ok? Call me Teacher Raquel.

Angelo: Ok teacher. But after being my teacher, will you be my mommy again?

Mommy: Of course!

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I will PAK the cockroach!

After bathing little A he sat on the floor and started playing his Hot Wheels

Mommy: Little A you’re not yet wearing your brief, you want the cockroach to eat your patutoy?

Little A: If the cockroach will come here, I will PAK him!

Mommy: WHAT?? what you will do with the cockroach?

Little A: I will PAK him.(still playing)

Mommy: What do you mean PAK?

Little A: (Stood up, took one slipper and said) If there’s cockroach mommy I will do like this (he’s describing his plan), I will get the slipper and PAK (sabay palo sa wall)

Mommy: (Sorry! but I laughed hard talaga) Ah you mean you kill the cockroach using slipper?

Little A: No I will not kill them mommy, that’s bad only PAK. I will PAK the cockroach!

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Last Sunday I took off from work so little A and I can have our bonding time at home. We read,we played starfall online game,we watched Lorax movie,we had afternoon nap.We ate popcorn and waffles.

In short we really had a great quality time together.

When I saw him busy playing around  the house, I grabbed the chance of ironing hubby’s uniform. Little A then saw his little teddy bear and gave it to me.

Little A: Here!! (showing the bear) It’s for you mommy!

Mommy: Wow thank you for sharing your toy..

Little A: If you always stay with me I will always give you bear..Don’t go to work.ok??

Wow.. I was speechless. This is something what he really wants “me’ being with him all day and not to go to work.

Mommy: But remember “mommy needs to go to work” because it’s a blessing from daddy God. Besides we should always be thankful that we are together here as a family,right??

Little A: stay here with me,ok??

Have you ever caught in this situation where you wish staying at home ka na nga lang?