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Kids Cuisine – Chocolate Chip Cookies

If you are looking for enjoyable ways to spend more quality time interacting with your kids,teaching them to create fun tasty foods is the perfect way.

When baking with little A I need to choose recipes that are easy,quick and cheap. The cheap part has to do with the fact that most of the times there are measuring and spilling mishaps over flour and egg cracks.

Here’s the recipe that he really love to eat and easy to make.His own version of Chocolate Chip Cookies..

The easy to follow recipe encourage him to practice his counting skills, scooping and pouring and eye and hand coordination.

It also build his self- confidence.

I can see Junior Master  Chef in the future..

Don’t you think so?

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Introduction to Scissors – Cutting Play-doh


  • Playdough (home made or store bought)
  • Plastic safety scissor

With this activity I just let little A hold the scissor the way he wanted and allowing him to poke,cut and stab the playdough.

Later on I demonstrated the proper way of holding the scissor.(thumb in the top loop and  index finger in the bottom loop.Using the scissors was a challenge for little A.He kept turning his hand over and he had a really hard time keeping his thumb on top while cutting, but got better the more we practiced.

He was amazed by his ability to cut the Play-doh into multiple pieces.  I would highly recommend this activity for other tots.We will definitely be doing this again soon though.

When he’s done with his cutting skills. He had a better idea.So we moved from cutting into baking.

I didn’t argue.

I’m glad he was so enthralled with playing. He said that he wanted to bake a cake with sprinkles.

I always try to enrich the pretend play with new information, props and role play ideas.

We love, love, love to play with play dough, do you?

A simple play…

Playdough.Wooden Kitchen Utensil. and Scissor.

Play dough normally is a wonderful sensory activity in itself, but the added materials makes it more fun for little A.

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Outdoor Grillin’ with DH Family…

Winter is finally here –
no more sweatin’;
here comes the season
for some Outdoor Grillin’

Sometimes the best way to say thank you for all the years we have been as a family is throwing a get together!

Thank you guys for spending your Friday with us!We love you all, alam nyo yan!!No doubt being around with all of you is surely a riot! Kitakits ulit sa Sunday daming event grabeh!! hehe

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Little A inherited he’s pagiging kulot with his dad. Both of them has wavy hair. So ampanget pag humaba parang ang kapal. As much as we wanted not to stress ourselves and little A over the hair cut issue, we have no choice but to go to Kids Salon.

The night before the schedule we talked to him and convinced him that tito needs to cut his hair again and tito (the stylist) will never hurt him and nothing to be scared of being in the salon.

Come Friday morning we are so worried that he might cause a scene again just as last time. You know the one they all go through.

But miracle happen!

Only a mommy would get teary over her kid NOT  throwing a temper tantrum..

Is this the sign that he’s really growing up na??

This time… I couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, better behaved little  guy.

And we made some really great memories that day…

Sana magtuloy-tuloy na!

Bagay nia ang gupit nia noh?? Gupit binata! So cute

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Snow White Princess Birthday Party


designed and created by the talented Aemi

Dressy is a 4-year-old girl who loves Snow White so much that Donya Dresden (her mom) and Mayor Ronel (her dad) designed for her a unique themed birthday party. I think all the lovely details speak for themselves. Dressy was very happy with her party despite she’s not feeling well. Though the birthday girl was feverish she’s still bubbly and cheerful cute little princess.

The theme was a bit of royalty, while still remaining whimsical and kid friendly! How could have a Snow White character without apples.

 Poisonous apples were displayed on the sweet table, magic cupcakes were embellished with personalized wrapper, printable Snow White paper dolls were generously spread on the food buffet and a pretty Snow White cake are all elements that brought this storybook theme to life.

The venue was held at the newly opened restaurant in Deira Dubai – The Wok Restaurant. Great food requires a great chef and the The Wok Restaurant must have been lucky to acquired the expertise of chinese delicacies. The buffet table was superb and one of our favorite is the Soy Chicken.

Keeping with the Snow White theme, the menu was labelled with anything related to the fairy tale Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.

Wishing Well Soup,Dwarf Chicken Roll,Ravishing Pineapple Squid,Grumpy’s Potato Salad,Enchanted Forest Rice,Miner’s Noddles,Dopey’s Soy Chicken,Hi-Ho Fish Fillet ,Bashful Veggie,Jello Gems Buko Pandan,Bejeweled Mango ,Snow White Drops,Magic Cup Cakes

To help the guests get in the party mood, they set up photobooth which we really enjoyed. How adorable is the huge picture of Dressy printed and cut to put on the backdrop frame.

A sweet little “thank you” kids took home personalized Snow White movie to which
Dressy is the main character. Yeah- it was the famous fairy tale but with
Dressy’s face.

She also gave each kids a pack of chocolates from Candylicious. Happiness!!

Happy Birthday again Dressy!! May you enjoy your childhood and continue to bring joy to your mom and dad..

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Time for festivity – Cool and Vibrant Christmas tree

Happy Monday everyone!

Today’s post is still related to Christmas. Our theme is centered around ” Cool and Vibrant “

which is perfect for those of you who enjoy simple, elegant and vibrant decor during the holidays.

We chose a theme that goes with the colors and style we already have.

The ways to make blue work in a home are almost limitless.

Blues and silvers meanwhile are perfect for a cooler vibe.But with a generous splashes of white and glass ornaments we can seamlessly host both Christmas and New Year festivities without worrying for change.

 I am really drawn to the simplicity and beauty of it! It’s
elegant, fresh and a nice change from using the traditional Christmas red and green

How do you feel the festive magic of styling your christmas tree this year?