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Dubai Dining- Unwind at the weekend @ The Cheesecake Factory, Dubai Mall

Enjoy the warm and cosy atmosphere and walk through the front doors of The Cheesecake Factory and you will know you are
in for something special. 

 Located in the Suoq area of Dubai Mall, The Cheesecake Factory menu boasts more than 200 selections made fresh from scratch daily. 

What we ate: 

While choosing to their wide selection menu, we were given a complimentary bread with uber- creamy butter. I so like the butter that I wanted to ask the waiter from where they are getting it. Kaso nahiya naman ako..hehe 

Appetizer– we had Fried Calamari it’s fried light  and crisp squid served with garlic dip and cocktail sauce. 

Main Course– we tried their Famous Factory Meatloaf served with mashed potatoes, gravy, grilled onions and corn succotash and the Salisbury Chopped Steak combined with onions, mushrooms and garlic served with mashed potatoes, gravy and fresh green beans. We also ordered Fettuccini Alfredo a rich parmesan cream sauce with chicken for little A since he only likes white sauce in pasta. 

Dessert – we sampled their Ultimate Red Velvet Cake Cheesecake, it’s a layers of red velvet cake and cheesecake covered in cream cheese frosting, finished with white chocolate. The cake was extremely heavy and rich in taste. 

Verdict – The portions are very generous and amazing food. The staff are  friendly with great recommendations. It’s definitely worth a visit! 

Call: The Cheesecake Factory

04 3253521

– Ground Level, Dubai Mall, DubaiUAE













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Summer activity for Preschoolers

To make our summer more productive we tried to make the most of play and learning time.
Finding a fun activity for your child requires only a little of our time. In our case, right after doing his arts and crafts I let him do his own thing but before bedtime story we are answering at least 2-3 pages of the workbook.

It look tedious but eventually it will be a great help for kids to practice their learning skills.

Each workbook cost Dhs 27 and I’ve got them from Dubai Mall, sorry I forgot the store but it’s near Organic Food and Restaurant.
What I like about these workbook is right after the activity is done, you can reward your child by putting star sticker in their worksheet. And that’s what little A is excited about!








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Pregnancy update @ 23 weeks

It is a little hard to believe that I am already 23 weeks along and getting closer to having two children every day. There are certainly days that I feel like my 2nd will be my last with the type of tantrums my 4 year old has been pulling. Feeling so very grateful that the baby is growing and is healthy. Here is my most recent picture of the belly, I promise to get a better one soon, but for now this will have to suffice.




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35 has arrived…

Yesterday, I become a year older again and I’m reflecting with eager anticipation, I have waited for this birthday since I was in 30’s.

I suppose I always assumed that turning 35 would make me a woman and emotionally mature. I have never been shy to admit my age for me “age is just a number.” so today, as a start of my 35th year I am choosing to embrace. enjoy. rally some ideas & set foot into my 35th year with intention..







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Summer activity – Paper Plate Shark

With temperatures in the 50′s around here, there’s no denying that summer is in full swing and as a mom with super active toddler our house needs to get ready so we can enjoy a relaxing, productive and of course FUN summer break.

After the paint session yesterday, little A asked me if we can also do paper plate shark.So this is the quickest way I could think of.This was a little harder, but we figured it out…

Here are the directions….

Take a paper plate… Cut out a triangle mouth, staple/tape it on as the tail… Paint and TADA…












What we liked about our activity:

  • Little A is into mixing colors so this is a great idea/learning about mixing two colors.
  • White paint + Small amount of Black = Gray
    Imaginative Play
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Finding Nemo Puppet

Everytime we will go to Dubai Mall we will always passed by in Dubai Aquarium, little A likes staring in wonderment at all the beautiful fish in their salt water fish tank.

Bright pretty color fish + love for fish = Nemo Puppet!!
Just like in the aquarium. Now, we can make our own fish using miniature paper plates and brightly colored paints! These look great hanging on the wall!











What I loved in this activity:

  • It’s easy and simple
  • Great example of learning colors. Red + Yellow = Orange!
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How to Make Paper Plate Turtle Craft

How to Make Paper Plate Turtle..

This month of July the Kids Ministry organized a very interesting activities for the kids. The summer workshop aims to showcase the gifts and talents of our children.
Since little A loves creating artwork, he was enrolled in arts and crafts to develop his inner talents. This summer workshop culminated with a lot of very fun and easy activities! Armed with his great experience he insist of doing arts and crafts today. He likes to paint and create turtle.

Here’s a tutorial for a simple arts and crafts:

What you need
paper plates
construction paper
double-sided tape or masking tape
green tempera paint
paint brush
googly eye



Cut the paper plates in half.
Cut out a head/leg shape from the construction paper.
I found that a slightly rounded piece worked for all 3 pieces. You will need 3 per turtle.
Help the kids to taped the heads and legs on the paper plate and googly eye by using glue.
Let the kid paint the paper plate.
Let it dry and Enjoy!






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HappyLand Royal Baby Set in stores soon!

ELC store welcomes the Prince of Cambridge to the world!

With a royal baby on the way, all the people of HappyLand are busy preparing to celebrate. Everyone is waiting for the moment the Duke and Duchess of HappyLand arrive with their little bundle of joy in the royal carriage. Join everyone as they eagerly await the proud new parents to present the newest little addition tot he HappyLand royal family.

I’ll definitely get this set for our Prince Vim, right little A?

Wonder why I am calling baby wiggle Prince Vim, it’s actually little A’s idea.He’s insisting that will call our baby wiggle “Prince Vim”..

In the meantime while we are contemplating for baby wiggle’s’s the royal family!!

Cheers to ELC for coming up with the idea..

Quick facts:
-Limited edition set
-Includes Duke and Duchess of HappyLand with baby in a buggy
-Great for imaginative play
-Suitable from 18 months


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Fridate @ Shake Shack Mall of the Emirates

If you have OSN cable in your house then you’re familiar with Guy Fieri as he visit America’s most interesting and unique restaurants in Food Network’s Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. When he featured burgers in his show it was so tempting that right here and there I wanted to grab a bite of burger. But since it’s Ramadan here, most of the restaurant will open after 7pm, so I ignored the idea and instead I asked hubby if we can visit the much talked about Shake Shack located in Mall of the Emirates.
We arrived to Shake Shack almost 7pm just in time they were about to open. Upon entering they give you the menu and you get straight away the feeling that you are going to really indulge yourself with a big fat cheeseburger and fries.

There is almost always a line of customers, but don’t fret the line tends to move quickly, but you should be prepared to wait 15-20 minutes and sometimes even longer. Since all the food is freshly made, it takes another 10-15 minutes for most orders to be completed.
While on the queue they are giving complimentary water and dates.






We ordered their signature meal, the Shack Burger and Shack Stack.

Shack Burger features well-seasoned freshly ground beef, served with cheese, lettuce, tomato and shack sauce while Shack Stack is cheeseburger with a fried Portobello mushroom, topped with onions, cheese and shack sauce.We also ordered Strawberry Milkshake and Root beer float. The orders arrived on a tray; they’re colorful, good looking burgers, much similar to a gourmet kitchen than the fast food chain.

Verdict – I was a little disappointed to be honest. considering the hype surrounding it, but maybe I expected too much. Or should I say it depends on how you like your burgers but I also asked hubby and Raquiza and they were not even satisfied with their food. The flavors are simple and there is no wow-factor considering that the price is much expensive than the other burgers. But the good news it’s less guilt and less calories as the burgers were made 100% all-natural Angus beef, vegetarian fed, humanely raised and source verified. No hormones or antibiotics. Will I come back again? Maybe if it’s for free!! hehehe..