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Letter of the week – Cc is Counting Caterpillars 

Counting with Printable Numbers (1-10) has been so much fun for our letter of the week series.

We have been very much into Cc is for Caterpillar lately, Inigo love it and I love that I can just pull one activity to occupy him!

Today’s activity features counting as the main goal with number recognition as well as simple addition and subtraction reinforcement.   

The mat was laid out and slowly it’s either I am adding caterpillar or taking some of them them away.

For my 3 year old who is currently learning numbers this is a great activity for him.


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Letter of the week – Cc is for Caterpillar – Days of the Week Activity

We continued having lots of fun with our Cc is for Caterpillar series, it has so much to teach, that you can go a whole week with it.

For today’s activity I will be focusing and introducing the days of the week. Fortunately,the book of Eric Carle “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” is a great tool to teach kids the days of the week. 

For those who haven’t read it, the book is about a caterpillar who hatches from an egg on a leaf and is looking for food. The book uses the days of the week consecutively beginning on Sunday and ending a week later, on Sunday. It provides kids with a great visual in order to help them remember the days of the week.     

First, I discussed with Inigo that there are 7 days in a week. Then, we started sequencing the story by reciting the days of the week and the story while sticking the pictures to the correct day.

Simple yet full of learnings!


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Letter of the week – Cc is for Caterpillar Balloon Painting

Inigo loves painting and playing balloons. I thought the balloon caterpillar painting would be a great idea to do for our letter of the week series. 

We’ve done a lot of activities for our Cc is for caterpillar so I guess injecting some messy free art activity would be our best bet! For our Cc for Caterpillar Art Session involves two things Inigo love- painting with balloons and The Very Hungry Caterpillar!


  • Balloons
  • Markers
  • Googly eyes
  • Popsicle sticks 
  • Glue
  • Green, Blue and Red Tempera Paint

How to Make the Balloon Painted Caterpillar Craft

  • Squeeze tempera paints onto a paper plate or other surface that’s easily accessible to little hands. We used red, green, and a dab of blue.
  • Dip the balloon into the paint and stamp them onto your paper to create a caterpillar.
  • Use a black marker or crayon to draw legs.
  • Cut off small pieces of purple craft stick and glue onto your caterpillar for antennae.
  • Add some googly eyes to your caterpillar. 

So naturally we spent an entire day discussing not only the book but caterpillars too! 

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Letter of the week – Cc is for Caterpillar Necklace Threading Fine Motor Activity

I have always loved doing threading activity with my kids. It is brilliant for developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.

The only problem is that for little fingers holding a shoelace can be really tricky. It’s just to bendy to put it through a tiny hole. There are instances that  Inigo get so frustrated and don’t want to continue.

So when I am preparing for this craft I made sure that he’ll enjoy this activity. We are still in our letter Cc series so it seemed natural to make a caterpillar necklace. 

Making a caterpillar necklace is a fun follow-up to reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar!

With the the ziploc bag, I dyed the pasta using alcohol and few drops of green food coloring. Then,sun dry for 5 minutes. While waiting for the pasta, I pre-cut the laminated pictures and hole punch for easy threading. When the invitation is all set. Inigo is thrilled to start.

This crafts is perfect for literature and math component.He will have the opportunity to practice patterns and counting in response to a very popular children’s story. 

While doing the craft we retell the story.So he first thread the tiny and a very hungry caterpillar.Next, he added green pasta onto the thread. Then,he continued to add the pictures and green pasta forming a pattern.

The best part of this activity is it allows Inigo to be creative while also working on patterning and fine motor skills.  

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Letter of the week – Cc is for Caterpillar Activities

I was excited to pull together a fun follow up activities for our Cc is for Caterpillar series.

These simple, colorful activities are a motivating way to practice language arts,fine motor, pre-writing, and even cutting skills of Inigo.

The Activities: 

1. Language Arts – Letter Cc dot-to-dot activity

We used various colors of stickers to form the letter Cc. Then, we traced the letter using his index finger for tactile sensory. 

2. Pre-writing skills

As usual we always include pre-writing in our activities, to train him holding the pencil properly. We are still on working progress but I can see a great potential that in no time he can hold it correctly.

3.  Cutting skills

Cutting is one of his favorite activity. This cutting practice allows him to cut straight lines.

4. Fine Motor Skills- Hole Punch Activity

Inspired by the book this Hole Punch Fine Motor Activity was a great addition to our lesson. 

On a recent trip to the office supplies store, I spotted hole punches and I grabbed one for the kids. 

Fine motor activities like this help young kids develop the strength needed in their hands and fingers to hold a pencil and write. They work the muscles in the fingers and hands and develop wrist movement, leading to holding a pencil for long periods of time and writing with strong and controlled muscles.


We did this Cc is for Caterpillar activities specifically to bring a little caterpillar learning fun into our home.

I hope you are also having fun homeschooling your kiddos. Till our next post! Enjoy learning😊

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Letter of the week – Bb is for Bb Hat and Sounds

This FREE Letter of the Week Bb Hat is a fun hands on way for a child to learn their letters.

The hat is designed to reinforce and teach each letter and their sound. Each hat has a letter with a picture and corresponding smaller pictures to help teach/reinforce the phonics sound made by the letter. It is a super FUN and effective way to teach letter Bb to Inigo.  I precut the letter Bb hat, he did color and we talked the pictures and the sounds.

And since Inigo is becoming much more aware of letter Bb. I asked him to point to the word that begins with letter Bb on the page. I am simply introducing the begining sounds to him, and he found it right away. Woohoo! He’s figuring out the language of reading!

Such a FUN way to learn and reinforce letter sounds:)


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Letter of the week – Bb is for Busybee Counting Activity

We learned all about Bb is for BEE this week.For our Math Skills, I came up with this bee and beehive counting activity 

Bees are attacking our house for a week now! And the only way to save us from bee sting is to get them back to their beehive.But how? They are everywhere! 

Hmmm..wait a minute! I know…there is only one who can save the day!

My brave little boy is ready to face the challenge! Go Busybee Inigo!! 

My DIY tree was used again when we played this counting skills game.This time, I spread the beehives in our living room floor.

So here’s the task:

  • He need to place the numbers in sequence.
  • Once he’s done with arranging the number in order, he had to count out the number of bees to match the number on their corresponding beehive. 

As a bonus, for doing a great job, mommy baked Brownies to nibble while we’re  watching “Bee Movie”! I didn’t know that our Bumblebee series can be this fun! 

Stay tuned next week for more letters to learn! Have a fab weekend👍