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Pregnancy Cravings – Max’s Restaurant

I’m curious what’s your cravings during your pregnancy?

Most of us women experience cravings at some point.  The most common cravings I experienced from my first son are for sweets, dairy products and salty foods although there are some weird cravings out there.

But with little wiggle, I haven’t had too many pregnancy cravings except lately, I have an intense craving for Kare-Kare and Shrimp.

Beef Kare-Kare
Shrimp Gambas in Aligue Sauce

Max’s Restaurant would be an obvious solution to my cravings, but it can be hard to get over excited to indulge kasi I am getting heavy. I am eating plenty of rice lately. I need to know how to eat by portion.But how can I say no to these fantastic foods. I guess, giving in to my cravings will not make me  a bad person, di ba?? hehe

Kayo anong pinaglihian nyo??


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