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Stay Tuned for Inigo 1st Birthday Cake Smash Session…

We have been photographing this adorable baby since he was a newborn. It’s amazing how fast time flies.  I can’t believe that we are now doing his 1st birthday cake smash photos! Inigo wasn’t a big fan of daddy A’s camera on the day we took his photos. We decided to do something outdoors for a change since his previous milestone shoots had been indoors. We went to a park and brought some props along! Inigo gave us every emotion–he laughed, he cried, he screamed and got mad, then he walked away!

PicMonkey Collage


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Baby Wiggle DIY Indoor Photo Shoot

I have had this little blog since 2010 but it was year 2012 when i became so active of documenting our life – it’s been a place for me to express, reflect, connect with others, create, and document.  I love being able to look back on so many things in my life here on this little corner of the web.  I don’t see myself getting rid of it, I just wish it could stay as one of my priorities… and it hasn’t!  But it’s okay – my goal of 8-10 posts a month probably won’t happen in the coming months – but I will do the best I can, and most importantly, I will try to keep up with the documenting – not just for others to read, but for myself.

In the meantime I’d like to share some of the photos of Baby Wiggle. He is now 9 months old and I must say that he’s so adorable.IMG_1192





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Letter to Baby Wiggle @ 5 months

5 months! The sweetest,most heart warming months of my life. Blow your candle my sunshine!


This month the highlight of your development for me is your noises. You have the cutest little giggle that sometimes turned into happy scream, and you love when we are talking and playing with you. Daddy A can get you to laugh when his kissing your tummy. You talk all the time and how we wish we could understand what you’re saying.

I am not quite sure whether you are now ready to take solid food because you have a talent in putting anything in your mouth. Toys,fingers,pillows anything you can reach goes right into your mouth. And because I am breastfeeding you I am waiting for one more month so we can start our next journey which is the BLW (Baby Led Weaning). In the meantime I am only offering a empty plate and spoon so you can gnaw on it.



 You are moving and scooting all over the place. We can’t just leave you on  the floor and expect you to stay put- you’ll scoot yourself in all directions and roll around to get where you want to go!


When we are out you do so well, you love seeing the new things and love to talk to people. I love taking you around and introducing you to the world, you’ve given me a different and special perspective on life.

I know you are growing and developing well and nothing makes me happier! I hope you always remember that you are “our little darling” and you never fail give us joy!


Happy 5th month honey bunch!!

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DIY Photoshoot of Superbrothers

There’s nothing sweeter than a sweet,adorable and smiling sibling!

Even before his brother was born, it was obvious that this handsome superhero was going to be the most loving and caring big brother a little boy could ever ask for!

Fast forward last week he proudly showed off his baby brother and carefully posed for photos with him.

They were such gorgeous and relaxed kids! Truly a dream to capture these precious moments.

Working on their pictures makes me cry. Love the way they enjoyed the camera.

Superhero theme would be perfect for them because Kuya A is into heroes  now a days.

Presenting the Superbrothers!!

Superbrothers - 11

Superbrothers - 04

Superbrothers - 24

Superbrothers - 20

Superbrothers - 25

Superbrothers - 21

Superbrothers - 08

Superbrothers - 32

Superbrothers - 27

Superbrothers - 17

Superbrothers - 23

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My Chinito baby from Pink Pepper Photography

photo 1 We finally got the official picture of baby wiggle  and we are more than a happy and satisfied client.

photo 2

As I mentioned in my previous post that after our private viewing session we were told that the chosen picture will be ready only within 4-6 weeks (maximum) but I guess I got a call from them even before the waiting period and they asked us to collect it from their shop which is located in second floor, opposite Book World, The Dubai Mall. We just presented our receipt and the small print out of the chosen image and viola they handed the paper bag containing the printed picture and CD.

Presenting ” Baby Wiggle as Mr. Suave”/ “Oh my Chinito” baby!!

photo 3

Out of 35 images we narrowed it down to 10 then 5 then from best of five daddy,mommy and Kuya A voted for this one. We asked kuya A which one among the five is his favorite and he pointed out this super cute picture.Although I tempted to get the yawning picture kaso naman the image cost arm and leg so settled sa free..hehe. After all the best thing in life is free, right?!

As a stage mom I am super kilig with it kasi it captured his cuteness overload. Sabi ko nga ke Raquiza ” sana paglaki nya wala siang mapaiyak na babae sa kanyang kapogian”..hehe

photo 4

For photo session you may contact them at:

Pink Pepper Photography

Unit 88, Second floor Opposite Book World/ Kinokuniya

The Dubai Mall

04 – 434 0437

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Letter to baby wiggle @ 3 months

How are you baby wiggle? You are now 3 months old and we are all excited. Your third month was full of new little milestone,changes,and lots of smiles. Your smiles makes our heart beat fast and you’ve been using those smiles to communicate with us.


You hate it whenever mommy will go out to run some errands because you knew that you need to use bottles.At first you hate the nips but with a little patience and a bit of practice, now, you’ve done well at taking a bottle. But I am glad that you’ve continued to do pretty well breastfeeding.


We took you to the hospital because of clogged nose and cough. Mommy was so worried that it may lead to pneumonia but the doctor advised that we just have to used Ocean’s spray and Nasal Aspirator. I can’ believe that despite of being sick you still managed to gain weight.


You’re also getting very strong,getting close to hold you head completely on your own and we are always shocked by your strong little legs.  You are little fussy when you can’t get your sleep. You like to talk,coo,scream and yell to get our attention. You are so much more alert,smiley,happy and occasionally demanding.

You love your kuya so much that this afternoon you laughed so loud while kuya A is doing his dancing tricks. I thank God for the bond that you and your big brother have.

You are so special and we are reminding ourselves to cherish every day with you. We love you so much and happy 3rd month!!