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Pre – Writing Skills – Painting with Q-Tips

Once again we’re at our favourite activity, painting. Today it’s painting with Q-Tips (cotton buds)

And I’ve included our favorite activity to hone Angelo’s writing skills.

 We got out our washable paint and some q-tips and I’ve pre-written his name for him to trace.(I’ve got this brown paper from Homes R’ Us – it’s actually wrapping paper)

This fun activity provides an opportunity for Angelo to learn how to write his name.  I wrote his  name on paper with a marker.  Remember to write the first letter using a capital letter then the rest in lower case.  I let Angelo trace over the name with the Q-tips.  By repeating this activity, he will begin to understand the strokes on how to write his own name!

It was fun and easy.

It wasn’t crazy-messy, which was a bonus.








When he’s done he went straight to our easel and he was so excited to write his name.



Skills Learned:

  • Fine Motor
  • Eye Hand Coordination
  • Pre-Writing

Happy Writing everyone!

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Pre – Writing Skills – Easel Writing

Do you know that there are a few shapes that need to be mastered in order to write. I don’t know if they have to be mastered in order to be able to write, but it may help with neat handwriting and cause less frustration. Some of these shapes include vertical lines , horizontal lines , circles and etc.

I knew our easel will play a big role in preparing the little tot to write.My aim is to help him to write without switching hands and strengthening his arms.

Chalk help create drag so it’s an easy way to help strengthen his hand and pincer grasp.

Materials :

Easel or A3 paper taped on the wall

Chalk or pencil


Draw dots to be connected on the easel. We started with vertical which Angelo find it easy. As he get more proficient we tried horizontal,zigzag and curves or slopes. maybe next week we’ll try shapes.

Here’s the sample of our pre-writing activities







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Easy Valentine’s Card

Need a last-minute craft that you can do with your kiddo today to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

This craft is very simple and easy!

What you will need:

Card stock

Large puzzle (you can used the old one yung di na complete)

Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

Permanent Marker



photo (16)

1. With the used of paint brush and acrylic paint we draw the heart shape and let it dry. While waiting little A started to paint the large puzzle( Just turn the puzzle pieces over and paint with at least two coating on each piece.)
photo (10)
photo (20)
2. Because the puzzle pieces are very thick I had to helped him to cut it into small pieces. So while I’m doing the cutting he’s starting to glue all the pieces on the heart shape.
photo (22)
3. After the heart is filled with pieces we personalized our card by writing our special message to daddy A.
photo (21)

That’s it!

Isn’t it lovely??

photo (17)

A precious reminder that we love every single piece of daddy A.

Happy Valentine’s Day honey!!

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Learning through play – Let’s write,Let’s draw and Let’s play!

Our kids are learning in every way: Their imaginations are richer than ever, vocabulary and descriptive language are expanding, and early math and writing skills are beginning to emerge.

Here are a few of our activities to nurture little A’s creativity, challenge his new skills but still laughing while as he learn!

though little A is much familiar with the alphabet still we are working on the beginning sounds and allowing him to analayze the direction.
With this activity I am giving him the chance to understand the direction first before answering the worksheet. A simple problem solving yet practising his writing skills





photo (19)

photo 21

photo 23

Be the patron behind the next Picasso!

Whether paints, chalk, and an easel make an excellent at-home art studio; or stock up on crayons, colored pencils, markers, and activity pads for an art kit that can go anywhere.

Either option will have kiddos happily exploring their creative sides while they build fine motor skills and pre-writing skills.

What I love about this activity is that it introduces kids to the concept of art as a powerful way to express emotions..

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Eid Holiday learning activities..

By all means, this is not an original idea.If you want useful and free printables then go to 2Teaching Mommies blog. She has tons of free activity sheets that are very helpful for the toddlers.

When I saw this Zoo pack I knew that this will make our holiday more FUN..

Animals + Numbers = Safari Fun afternoon.

The package includes

1. Counting skills..

Count how many animals and place the correct numbers. Easy Peasy!

2. Zoo Match

This is so fun. We casually talked through different animals and their sound before mounting it to the correct shadow.

3. Pre-Writing skills

And since we are working on his writing skills.

My little zookeeper needs to feed the animals by following the strokes from the template.

4. Beginning sounds

A little fun with the alphabet. This little activity will help little A to practice the phonics.

Just a fun little way to jazz up emotions and learning routines!

Little A drew happy face and sad face..

Happy learning!!

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Learning through play – Creative Play

For a toddler who is always on the move long road trips can be tough. Especially when they finally become conscious that they’ve been trapped on their car seat for a long hours.

One of our stress buster is refocus his energy by playing “Create a story”.Each of us takes a turn narrating any stories that we may think. This game is such a big hit to little A.

Last weekend after eating breakfast I had the chance to finally arranged all of my compiled recipes I was planning to write it in my notebook.

Of course knowing how active little A he then asked me if we could play our “create a story”. This time instead of narrating he wants to put it into illustrations. He wants me to draw his story. Ok, this is a sign that he’s bored and he wants something to do. So I grabbed his small pad and pen and I set aside what I planned to do. He then started to narrate his story..

Little A – One day there’s  a little boy.

Mommy – What’s the name of the boy

Little A – He said his name “Little A”

Mommy – What is he doing..

Little A – He’s holding a balloon. So many balloons..

(So I complied) I drew 4 balloons and asked him to count. I also asked him the shape of the balloons. I even hold his hand so I can guide him to draw as well.

He then asked me if we can draw mommy and daddy.

After seeing the illustration he said “no mommy”. .  I asked him why? Mommy and Daddy will also hold balloon.

A simple activity using his imagination.

 A simple aid to build his vocabulary and communication skills.

I’m amazed how much faster the time passed by we were so engaged! Before I knew it I need to prepare again for lunch time.

he drew this he said this is little A and daddy..cute!!


This is me and Little A (sorry but drawing is not my cup of tea)

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Reading skills – Crayon Resists Painting

We are working on reading skills of little A. At his young age he has a passion on books.He can read by himself the famous book of Eric Carle –  The Very Hungry Caterpillar. And the proud mommy is hopping like a bunny!! hehe

With his eagerness and to enhance his reading fluency I decided to create a fun way to learn some of the sight words by magically making them appear when painting the paper.

Introducing our weekly activity – Crayon resists painting

Who would have thought that this classic children’s art project can be exciting way to introduce reading for beginners.

For others you may also use letters,shapes or numbers depending on the interest of your kiddos.

You will need:

  • White papers (preferably)
  • White crayon
  • Tempera paint (recommended)
  • Paint brush
  • Water
  • Start by cutting plain paper in quarter size. This is enough for him to paint and not lose the excitement of discovery.

  • I wrote the words using the white crayon. I went over the lines a few times to make them nice and thick.
For the paint – I mixed the blue tempera paint (he likes blue!) with the water.The best paint is watery so it beads off the crayon easily.
As he continue brushing off – the words will be revealed and I will let him read the hidden words

I also added some words like Daddy,Mommy and his name to make it more fun

We may know it’s not magic but I didn’t dare to tell to my squealing toddler that its not. For him it’s magic paint and most importantly he’s learning while playing.

Have a Blessed Sunday everyone..