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Teaching bible verse to kids – (1 Peter 5: 7)

When I received the email about the lesson for the Friday teaching I was so worried that the topic is kinda difficult for kids to understand. For months now that I am teaching aged 5-6 I know that it will be more interactive if I will be using visuals that can truly capture their interest.

Lesson: Our Father Cares

Aim – To help children understand that God cares,provides and protects his people. We really need not to worry if we completely put our trust to HIM.

Discussion – First I asked the kids what is their greatest fear. Is there particular things that they are afraid of. Actually this part is truly amazing because when you start to ask questions to them there will be an never-ending replies from them. Interaction is the main key!

Some of them said darkness while the others said monster,dinosaurs, ghosts and mu-mu. Then I asked again how they usually deal with their fears. I smiled when I got only one answer from them ” I always pray teacher when I am afraid”. Hearing the answer from them I knew right away that these kids will surely understand the topic for the day.

Bible Story – Book of Exodus

  • Moses called by God to bring Israelites out to a new land
  • Pharoah unwilling to let them go
  • God sends ten plagues until Pharoah agrees

photo 11

1.The Nile river turns to blood. All the fish die and the Egyptians have to dig new wells for water.
2. Frogs come up from the water and cover the land. When they die, all of Egypt smells really bad.
3. Gnats (which are those teeny tiny bugs) come up from the dust and swarm over all of Egypt.
4. Flies swarm over all the land, causing all kinds of problems with sickness and food and comfort.
5. The cows and donkeys and sheep in Egypt will get sick and die except for the Hebrew’s livestock.
6. Sores (called boils) break out on all the Egyptians, all over their bodies, but not on the Hebrews.
7. A great hailstorm destroys the crops in the fields and kills many of the Egyptian’s livestock.
8. A swarm of beetles called locusts swarms over the fields and eats the remaining plants and crops.
9. Total darkness covers all of Egypt for three days, however the Hebrews still have light.
10. The firstborn son of every family will die except for the families that put the blood of a lamb on their door.

In Exodus we can see how Egyptians were begging the king to let the Hebrews go, but he was so hard-hearted that he still refused. So what finally convinced the king to let the Hebrew slaves go?The king woke up in the middle of the night to the queen’s cry because their oldest son had died. He went right away to Moses and told him to leave Egypt.

  • Pharoah changed his minds again and wanted them back
  • Pharoah sent his soldiers to bring the people back to be slaves

The Bible says that the Hebrews called out to God for help.

  • God sent an angel to guard the back of the people
  • God put cloud between the people and the army so they Egyptians could not see properly
  • God told Moses to hold out his arm over the sea and a strong wind blew back the water and made a dry path.

photo (2)

  • The Israelites went through the path to safety
  • The Egyptian chariots got stuck in the mud and the water came back and drowned them.

photo (1)

Memory Verse – Leave all your worries with God, for He cares for you (1 Peter 5: 7)

Fortunately, my schedule was after Valentines’s day.What’s a heart’s day without some hearts thrown in?

I decided to print and cut out lots of hearts card. When I look at these beautiful people, it just makes me happy to think that kids will surely impress their parents with their handmade cards.

photo (2)1

photo (1)3

I was pleasantly surprised to discover how easy and fun this project was. They all get excited!

photo (3)

Super simple…but what a nice gift to give to someone that definitely says “i love you” all over it. I would definitely be impressed and delighted to receive something like this…

photo (14)

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Sanctuary for kids – Little A’s Playroom

One of our goals in our family is that to look for ways to help others – that we have the tremendous privilege of being blessing to others.

When my friend informed me that they are raising money through garage sale for the medication of her relative in the Philippines,I volunteered that I’ll be bringing old stuff of little A particularly old toys and books.

I really can’t understand why at his age he can have so many toys, 4 cars,2 scooters,stuff toys and lots of other toys.

I spent Saturday afternoon of de-cluttering little A’s room. After the general cleaning, I am happy that I got 3 full bags of toys that are not age appropriate for little A. What’s the use of putting it in the box for the next baby when these things can be a great help/useful for a friend.

Apart from that I also figured that the playroom is a sanctuary for kids though it is a complete nightmare cleaning and organizing the room. I’ve got to see the room so neat and tidy. Everything is properly arranged. From art section,bookshelves and toys section.

I actually dug deep in my archives to find this really old photo of
how the room once was.A before shot of what this area looked like 2 years ago.



A lot of changes but one thing remain – Giving him the option to tumble into a fun space to let loose and be a kid.

photo (11)

photo (10)

photo (9)

photo (15)

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Surprise dinner party @ Tandushi Indo-Japanese Restaurant

Hello I’m back. sorry for MIA again last week was really tough. I need to work during the weekend and need to render overtime again because of the deadline.

On another note…I have missed you!These last few weeks have been a whirlwind and things are finally getting back to a normal pace.

I have a very special party to share with you. Last week, I had the pleasure of helping coordinate Surprise Dinner party for a family I have known for quite some time.

The couple is really close to us and being part of the planning and execution was really fun.

I’m always trying to find a way to be different or at least slightly different when putting together a party.

First we worked on the invites.I talked to Aemi the graphic designer of our troop and we agreed on one thing.Invitation should fit to their characters. Mayor Ronel who loves to cook and Donya Dresden who always looks fab and glam. After deliberation we ended with the theme influenced by the couple’s origin. Donya Dresden being pangalatok and Mayor Ronel as kapampangan.

Presenting “The Love Story of Daing na Bangus and Pampanga’s Best..” yes, you read it right!

couple shower
source from Pinterest

The event took place at Tandushi, in Lotus Downtown Hotel. Ate Marie and the rest of the gang  paid such amazing attention to detail, including the dessert table, pretty simple yet very enticing.

Desert bar full of scrumptious cakes and cupcakes. Most of them were labor of love and baked by their friends.

photo (9)


Cute circular toppers on the cakes and cupcakes from Catch my Party free printables added the perfect amount of charm and frill to the party.

photo (8)

photo (12)

photo (13)

photo (11)

Each little party guest took a goody bag filled with candies,chocolate chips,jello and wafers..

photo 2

There are  framed photos of the happy couple and their cute little darling Dressy all displayed on the guests table.

DIY Photo booth props and background for fun and frolics with the LOVE banner backdrop behind.

Adult guest took home loots filled with chocolates and polaroid picture with the couple…genius!

I especially love the games prepared for the couple. It was lighthearted and super FUN.

photo (16)
Mechanics – basta malambot ang talong pedeng pigain,lamutakin basta wag lang masisira.
photo 4
Mechanics – using the tissue rolls you have to create a wedding gown. And dahil career ko na tong game na to our team won.
photo 5
the next bride wearing our creation.
photo 6
Mechanics- The bride was blindfolded while finding her groom.She can only touch and smell the groom.

We had a fabulous turnout and I was blown away by all of the cute details..

Here are a few snap shots from the party…

photo (14)

photo (10)

photo (21






To the couple – Dres and Ronel. Eto na talaga ang message ko..

photo 20

Best Wishes and Congratulations!! Hahaha..

Sige nga eto na talaga.Don’t stress yourself sa preparation. There will always be small glitches in every wedding no matter how much you planned for it.Ang mahalaga your family and your friends will witnessed your union together. All the people close to your hearts will be there kaya just enjoy the day. And take note – Give your best smile during photo shoot tandaan makikita ng mga apo nio ang album at dapat forever nilang makita na pretty and handsome ang lolo at lola nila during younger years..haha!Wag ng mahiya sa pictorials..hahaha

Seriously,alam ko alam nio to but just a piece of advise – Always put GOD at the center of your marriage/family. A family who serves God will always find glory in their home.

We love you guys!! Enjoy your big day!!

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Dining Out – Urbano, Souk Al Bahar

It’s always a bonus to enjoy evening with great dining experience and at the same time loving the al fresco athmosphere  overlooking the Souk’s busy promenade and water fountains.

photo (2)

photo 8

Urbano restaurant is just one of the excellent dining outlets at the at the heart of the prestigious Downtown Burj Khalifa and has proven to be an outstanding success.

Situated in the Souk Al Bahar, Urbano Caffe incorporates modern Italian design with the atmosphere of a traditional 1950’s Milan café.

photo (6)1

photo (5)2

The contemporary Italian style decor has an eclectic mix of wood and marble which complement beautifully with their authentic cuisine.

photo 26

photo (8)

photo (5)

photo (4)1

photo (4)

photo (3)

We arrived 15 minutes late, so when we asked the receptionist about our reservation she said that she already gave our table because she thought that we will not come. Hubby asked her in a calmly tone why she did not call us first to reconfirmed the booking. And she just said ” eh bat kayo nalate ayan binigay ko na “. Naku the nerve talaga ni kabayan!

Luckily the manager intervene and said if it’s ok to just wait for a few minutes and she will just check the availability of the other table. Then she came with us with apologetic face and ushered us to our table. Mind you, si kabayan nakaismid pa din.Taas ng ilong! Hay inisip ko na lang pagod si ate.

Not to spoil the date we just relax and soaked up our mood with subdued lightning and perfectly pitched background music of the dancing fountain.

With so many delighted dishes to choose from, I am having a hard time choosing.The problem for me is always having to decide whether to go for an old favorite or try something new. Eventually after memorizing the menu..haha I settled for the Chargrilled prime rib eye, salsa verde, rocket salad and potato fries. Very afraid lang magkamali..hahaha


While hubby chose the Roasted sea bass with lemon, anchovy and caper stuffing. This is superb and must be surely be one of the most popular dishes. The sea bass was delicately cooked to perfection;it flaked easily onto the fork and tasted wonderful.

photo (7)2

We also ordered pasta for little A, Carbonara with crispy beef bacon,parmesan cheese, cream and (7)

Our visit will not be complete without trying their pizza so we devoured to Diavola. It is thin crust pizza with spicy pepperoni, chopped chipotle chilli and mozzarella cheese.

photo (6)3

Having totally indulged, we have no room for dessert although we have heard rumours that they are also wonderful. Judging by the presentations and displayed on their sweet corner.

photo (6)

photo (6)5

To make a reservation, or for more information, you can email or call them:

Urbano Dubai

Phone +971 4 4355777


Address Ground Level, Souk Al Bahar in Downtown, Dubai, U.A.E.

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Life deserves Kitsch Cupcakes


Out of boredom I hit the page of Kitsch Cupcakes and I saw their competition.

As a treat to their loyal fans last Valentine’s Day two lucky winner had the chance to take home one box of 6 cupcakes in any flavours. I am not fan naman of joining competition but I dunno I just want to test my luck so I joined and to my surprised I was one of the winner. Very timing naman talaga for Valentine’s Day because we got to enjoy every bite for free.That’s what you called “blessed”… hehehe


Launched on Jumeira beach road, Kitsch Cupcakes was the first specialty cupcake bar to open its doors in the U.A.E!With over 14 tentalising flavors (and counting!) to satisfy the ones with a sweet tooth, Kitsch cupcakes are made with love and baked daily on the premises, using the highest quality ingredients available, such as chocolate imported from France and sprinkles from the U.S.
With surprises added to the menu at all times, the delightful range of cupcakes include the famous Red Velvet, the Funky Monkey, a heavenly peanut butter Cupcake ad the house specialty…The Kitsch Special Nutella Cupcake!

Among the six flavours I tried,The red velvet cupcake is deserving of a special mention.It’s light, it’s creamy, it’s frothy, it’s sweet, it’s smooth, it’s GOOD!!

photo (1)2

I also liked their box and presentation it’s uber cute. A box for 6 pcs literally holds the cupcakes.Perfect for a long travel because the frosting remain intact (just make sure it will not turn upside down).


For orders and further information you may visit their Facebook and Twitter Account.


I still enjoyed the yummy-ness even for days na.The cupcake remains soft and delicious.


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LOVE is full of SURPRISES…

How was everyone’s Valentine’s Days?

Mine was so kilig and very romantic.

I didn’t expect for any romantic surprises from hubby,since he moved to his new job he’s schedule is very tight.

Little did I know may kutchabahan na plang nagaganap. When I came home that night I was surprised with a special dinner prepared by Raquiza. Ok, to be honest I knew she’ll cook kasi night duty pa naman sia but I didn’t know that she will make an effort pa of making it extra special.


February may be the shortest month yet this the most romantic.,right?

She made sure that I’ll come home and just chillax na lang. Yehey! I don’t need to slave myself in the kitchen..Thank you sister!! She also made a collage of hubby and I. Ang sweet!! Daming pasabog!!


When I entered inside the room I saw another surprise on our bed. My heart skipped a bit as I came closer.

A teddy bear,rose and LV box..


I was over the moon sa sobrang saya. Happiness! Feel na feel ko yung note. Kasi naman the last time hubby  gave me card eh ages ago pa.

Napaiyak nia din ako sa message nia dun. So when I saw the note my heart melt parang ang haba ng hair ko..hehe

I feel so loved,blessed and I am so lucky to deserve all of this gestures.

Honey, thank you for all the love and appreciation mo. Thank you for making me happy always. Thank you for always pamering me and thank you for taking seriously ang motto naten life is too short kaya we should always express and say how much we love each other. I love you to the moon and back.

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Valentine’s delight – Sugar Glazed Cinnamon Sticky Buns

From the title itself you already knew that I am  truly a bona fide cinnamon addict.

There’s something so satisfying about the taste of these cinnamon sticky buns especially when paired with coffee, soft inside of a buns that makes themso tempting.

It’s a snack food that transcends seasons – whether you’re enjoying a DVD marathon on a cold night or simply you just want to to just have something to nibble.

It’s irresistible and  perfect anytime!

photo (20)

photo 18


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Roses are red,violets are blue,this is the month to say “I Love You”…

With busy work schedules and motherhood, we often do not get the time to prove just how much our loved ones mean to us.

However, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to show to our husband just how much we really care.

To ensure that this Valentine’s will be most memorable for hubby, little A helped me to prepare the surprise gift for daddy A.

photo (23)

Are you excited to know what’s inside?? Of course I’ll tell you but make sure you will not spoil the surprise??

Can you keep a secret?

Well, for me naman kasi Valentine’s Day does not have to cost a fortune to make him feel special.

It’s just a little creativity and a touch of love!

Does the picture looks familiar? Any idea??

Yes! You are right!! It’s a washi tape painting…

photo (23)1

Here’s what you need:


Paint Brush

Acrylic Paint

Washi tape

photo (22)

1. Create a design in the center of the canvas using washi tape.

2. Let the kiddo do the work.

photo (19)

photo (19)1

3. When it is completely and everything is dry, carefully peel of the tape while the paint is still tacky.

photo (24)

Easy peasy noh?

Here’s how it looks like after peeling the washi tape.

Drum roll please!!!!


photo (18)1

Our personalized and customized LOVE canvas only for daddy A!!

I told you so!

 Being romantic is not about the cliched stuff and most especially not about spending large amount of cash either.

Sometimes, the simplest acts of love are the most meaningful ones..

photo (18)

I hope this post will inspire you!!

Happy Heart’s Day everyone..

Let’s continue to spread the LOVE..

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Easy Valentine’s Card

Need a last-minute craft that you can do with your kiddo today to celebrate Valentine’s Day!

This craft is very simple and easy!

What you will need:

Card stock

Large puzzle (you can used the old one yung di na complete)

Acrylic Paint

Paint Brush

Permanent Marker



photo (16)

1. With the used of paint brush and acrylic paint we draw the heart shape and let it dry. While waiting little A started to paint the large puzzle( Just turn the puzzle pieces over and paint with at least two coating on each piece.)
photo (10)
photo (20)
2. Because the puzzle pieces are very thick I had to helped him to cut it into small pieces. So while I’m doing the cutting he’s starting to glue all the pieces on the heart shape.
photo (22)
3. After the heart is filled with pieces we personalized our card by writing our special message to daddy A.
photo (21)

That’s it!

Isn’t it lovely??

photo (17)

A precious reminder that we love every single piece of daddy A.

Happy Valentine’s Day honey!!

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Valentine’s delight – Cinnamon Sugared Donuts

I took lieu day today because little A is sick again. I don’t know if i should blame it to the weather or blame myself for allowing him to go to the park with his playmate and babysitter.
Actually when the babysitter called us from work she asked if she can take little A with them but daddy A was a bit hesitant because the little boy doesn’t have jacket but the babysitter assured us that they have spare one to lend to little A.Kaya napapayag kami.

That evening when he came home he’s so tired and cranky so after cleaning his body we sleep na.
The next day clogged na ung nose nia. Then last night when i fetched him he’s sick na tlga as in me lagnat.
When we checked his body temp it was 38.9. Haist! Not again! Di pa nga sia fully recover eh. I asked daddy A to insert suppository and we monitored his temp round a clock.
So far ngayon wala siang fever but he’s downed with colds and flu.

And because I’m depressed i need a happy hormone. I always wanted to try to cook homemade donut but can’t find the right timing.
I have done a lot of baking and cooking and this was honestly one of the easiest, most delicious recipes I have tried to date. The donuts were so moist and fluffy.

These would be great for Valentine’s Day or simply just for a mouthwatering dessert everyone will love.

Want to make some?!



You will need pizza dough
Melted butter in a shallow bowl approximately 1/4 cup
Mixed together the Sugar & Cinnamon in a shallow bowl.

Veggie oil to fill your pan up to about 1/2in or so.
Heat up oil for a few minutes on medium heat.
While it is heating up, cut the pizza dough with a cookie cutter (i used star and heart)

When one side is golden brown, flip with tongs. When that side is golden remove from oil and place on a paper towel lined pan or plate.
When the donuts have cooled enough to handle…using your fingers dip one side in the melted butter, let the excess drip off, dip in cinnamon and sugar mixture. Get it nice and coated. Flip over and repeat for the other side.

Talk about melt in your mouth amazing and buttery and oh so sweet!

Now I’m happy!