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Christmas Calendar Countdown: Day 16- Date with mommy

Since I am scheduled to meet kuya A’s teacher for his performance review, I thought this will also a good chance for us to bond together. Although kuya loves his brother so much there are times I that am spending more time with baby wiggle. To which he understand naman and never I heard him complaining about it. I am glad that jealousy is not on his personality and I hope he will stay as kind and loving big brother to baby wiggle.

To make up for the lost time we ate happy meal as his request.We rode in the metro and bus which is his favorite part. We chat in starbucks and we had his favorite dessert at Cinnabon.
We had so much fun especially meeting tita Raquiza to buy her christmas presents for my sons.
Kuya A will surely be surprise opening his presents.
Thank you so much sexy Santa Raquiza for giving mommy’s request! hehe


When we were about to sleep I ask kuya if he enjoy our date he said ” U had so much fun but next time let’s ride taxi, ok?. I am so tired mommy!”..haha


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The past two weeks..

It’s hard for me to fathom that just over two weeks ago today, I was pregnant. I still had this sweet little one living in my belly. I was anxious and excited to see his face for the first time.

In some ways, I miss feeling him in my belly – the movements, kicks, and life developing inside. Actually, up to now, I can’t still believe that we are a family of four. It’s truly a miracle, and when I look at my boys – my whole body is filled with love.




We’ve had a very tough week. The poor little boy was slightly jaundiced, so daddy needs poke-him-in-the-foot-until-he-bleeds-a-ton blood tests. Thankfully, his billirubin level dropped below the ‘high risk’ category, so we didn’t have to undergo phototherapy.
After 10 days the yellow discoloration of his skin and eyes faded and his color is back to normal.

During our stay in the hospital, we’ve also seen several sweet visitors. Baby wiggle has met some of our friends. Thank you for your sweet presents for our little one.


He also had his first vaccines BCG and Hep B1.


His newborn screening result was also normal. Thank God!


He also gained weight. Hooray to breastfeeding! Yes! I am exclusively breastfeeding him and I am so proud!For most of the first week, we had to tickle his cheek or change his diaper to wake him up to feed him. But now he loves mommy’s milk and like to be feed every 2hours.

He makes lots of farting, pooping, yawning, sneezing, and gets the hiccups at least a couple times a day. He can lift his own head to look around and loves to sleep on top of us.


I’m starting to write his funny birth story. I will share soon, mainly to remember the details forever.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

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Fun and Cheerful Outdoor Maternity Photoshoot

Looking with these beautiful photos I can feel such a lovely and peaceful emotion captured by daddy A.

We brought in fun props, like paper flowers,books, blue balloons, and an “Keep Calm, It’s a Boy” frame. Little A’s toy collection got in on the fun, too! It all came together for a shoot that is sure to give us a big dose of happiness! Our location is one of my favorite as we also did our prenup here long way back in 2008.

It always filled with memories and sometimes keeping things simple is the best way to go, as these lovely photos shows how smitten we are to our precious son.

We are so much in love with baby wiggle and these photos will be a sweet reminder of this journey.

Presenting our DIY Outdoor Maternity Photography…



















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The day I almost die…

is when I saw my son locked inside our car HELPLESS AND ALONE!!

I don’t know if I have to share this post or not. Im having a second thought. Of course I am afraid that people will judge us as parents or you might throw tomatoes on our face or since I can’t see you in person tataasan nio ko ng kikay while reading this.
But I guess, sometimes in life we learn from our experience, yun nga lang most of the times we learned it in a hard way.

It took me a while to convinced myself that maybe from this experience other parents may benefit.

Bago pa kayo mag isip kung anong nangyari, let me first thank Abu Dhabi Police, Our kabayan (sila kuya na di ko nakuha ung names) and the other guys na ibang lahi who are very helpful to us. Thank you so much for comforting us and for lending your helping hand to us.

Anyway, without further ado, here’s the kwento na!

As you know we celebrated Raquiza’s birthday at Yas Waterworld. Syempre before umuwi picture-picture muna since we don’t have group pics and for souvenir purpose na din. While the girls are having fun, hubby decided that he and little A will go ahead na sa car and we’ll just follow na lang.

After 10 minutes we followed na din. While I was walking palapit sa car, I saw hubby knocking on the door and talking to little A. I thought they were just playing peekaboo..since my son likes playing. But when hubby told me that the car was locked and little A was inside nagulat ako and natakot ako. I saw my son helplessly reaching the lock and trying his best to follow daddy’s instruction. I was in panic but hubby said na kalma lang daw..

At the back of my mind I don’t know how will I stay calm knowing that my son was stuck on his car seat alone. I tried my very best to talk to him and assure him that we are just outside and trying our best to open the car.

After 5 minutes there were kabayan na lumapit and asking us what happen. When we told them the story that my son was trapped inside the car, they told me that I could call 999 for help.

I called 999 right away and informed them our situation. The officer then told me to call 800- 2000. With my trembling hands I quickly dialed the number and to my dismay I’m not getting any response. I called 999 again and told the officer that no one is picking up the phone and that if he can help us. I was sobbing and begging him to send us help.

He asked our exact location and after few minutes I received a call from the police informing me that they are on their way. On the other hand while waiting for the police to arrive hubby, kabayans and the ibang lahi are trying their best to open the door. Binaklas-baklas na nila ung window ng car and even look for something like hammer para mapukpuk na ung window. Incase you’re wondering what happen to the little boy we continued to talk to him and destruct him para di sia mainip. I can see that he’s desperately trying to reach the key in the front but he cant. He’s already sweating by this time. And I was praying hard that all the angels in heaven cover him with protection. I was praying that God send the police na.

After 5 minutes of waiting I heard the sound of police car. I can’t even count how many mobile cars came basta all I can remember is that upon seeing the police I sobbed na. I was crying and thanking them for their quick response.

The next thing I knew is that we were talking to little A and instructing him to cover his eyes dahil babasagin na ung window ng car. I feel so relieved when I saw hubby’s hand trying reach the lock of the car. Sa sobrang bilis ng pangyayari ang naalala ko na lang is hugging my son and asking him if he’s ok.

In which he replied na “im ok but where’s my lollipop”. O my goodness with all the drama happen he’s still thinking of the loliipop that I promised to him.

When he came down to the car there were police officers who assisted us going to the ambulance. Since super dami nag paparazzi that time they need to cover us from people. Naku eksena talaga sa pelikula..I swear!! I am still in a deep shock but they need to check little A’s condition. They checked his heartbeat and blood pressure. They also asked question to little A if he has any wound at eto ang sagot nia taas-taas ang kamay ” see no blood, I told you I don’t have wounds”..I am very much happy to see him in his usual kakulitan it erased my fear that it may cause trauma to him. After making sure that everything is fine with him they allowed us to go down na sa ambulance. I was really nervous na baka me press. Di pa ko handang makita ang family ko sa Gulf News..hehe

After makababa ng ambulance I saw my husband talking to the police officer, I asked Raquiza to looked after little A and I just want to make sure that hubby and I is not in trouble. I am so afraid that they might put us in jail. I asked the officer what’s going on and what is the document that hubby needs to sign. It’s Arabic kasi kaya di ko maintindihan. They said that nothing to worry that’s only for their report.

At the back I can see that the other policemen were so aliw with little A who keeps on dancing and singing Gangnam Style.

After signing the report,thanking the police officers and the people who helped us,we went back to our car but one civilian who happen to be CID starting to question us again. He introduced himself us CID nga. Hubby narrated the story again that he’ s putting little A to the car seat when little A started to play the key. The CID officer talked to the other policemen and instructed them to send us to Khalifa Police Station for further investigation.

It took us 30 minutes to drive all the way Yas Island to Khalifa. I instructed Ann and Raquiza to look for little A while me and hubby went inside the police headquarter. They instructed us to wait for a while on the lounge.

After 15 minutes, they called us and told us to talked to the commanding officer. When I looked up saw the signage “Criminal Investigation Unit”. Parang gusto ko ng mahimatay sa takot but our faith keep us strong.

The CO asked questions again and even took hubby’s license and ID. He told us to narrate the story again. He said that the next time it will happen again don’t call the police na daw just do something right away. I butt in and told him that we are doing our best to open the door is just that we don’t have the right material to break the window.

He also said that we have to be careful next time and he hopes that this will not happen again. After few minutes of investigation we were then asked that we can leave and just wait outside for the report. They will give us daw accident report for insurance.

Before giving the report he said that he wanted to see our son. When little A saw the police he waved his hand and said “hi” right away.

It was almost 11pm when we left Khalifa Headquarter. We are all hungry,exhausted and tired from our experience. But I must say that I have learned so many lesson talaga that night.

To all parents here’s my unsolicited advise:

  • In times like thisnever show to your child na nagpapanic kayo..stay calm as much as possible. Mahirap but this will help to lessen the tension
  • Always..ALWAYS bring your spare key.
  • Teach your child to learn how to open the door and the window.
  • Never..never let your child play the car key..
  • Never..never blame your hubby/wife sa nangyari. It will not help. Mag- aaway lang kayo!
  • Always save the emergency number on your mobile.
  • Above all, trust everything to GOD that everything will be ok..

And to you silly little boy..thank you for your braveness. For not letting mommy freaked out. For showing me how big boy you are..We love you so much anak. Sorry for putting you in danger!! Please forgive us. Next time anak, please don’t play the key,ok!! I almost died that night but you made me strong kasi ang brave mo. You never cried nor wailed. Thank you Jesus for covering my son with your precious blood. I know you sent all the angels in heaven para maprotektahan ang aming anak. Thank you so much for always guiding us..

And to other parents like us, I hope that somehow eh me napulot kayong aral sa aming kwento kasi kami madami!! hehe

Have a fab long weekend UAE!!







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Pregnancy updates @ 13 weeks

To set the record straight I am only 13 weeks pregnant though I looked like 5 months so please stop asking me what’s the gender because if you guys are excited to know we are much elated to find out.

So what’s the development of baby wiggle @ 13 weeks:

Baby Wiggle @ 13 weeks
Baby Wiggle @ 13 weeks

How I’m feeling: Morning sickness is lessen. Thank God to Navidoxine! I was prescribed to take the tablet twice a day for ten days due to extreme vomiting and nausea. I was also admitted (again!) because of dehydration,need to be dextrosed and advised to take bed rest for a week. But the good news is – Hypertension is getting better.

Dislikes: I hate perfumes! Most especially the smell of the lotion particularly Shea Butter or Chocolate scent. It makes me sick the whole day!!

Total Weight Gain/loss: I lost weight though I looked fat. Maybe effect of morning sickness.
Maternity Clothes: None yet – I am still using my old dresses.
Gender: We’ll find out on June 30. I am scheduled for Morphology scan.So excited!
Movement: I don’t know if I am just paranoid but I can feel that baby wiggle is moving. Not sure though kasi maaga pa daw para dun..
Sleep: So far I still don’t have sleepless nights. In fact, I sleep like a baby..
What I miss: Drinking coffee and Chips!!
Cravings: I am into vegetable so far…wehehe
Symptoms: I get a little queasy at night still and my energy levels are lacking as well.
Best moment so far: Since we wanted little A to be involved with my pregnancy,we let him to be inside the room.We’re all thrilled while looking at the monitor.Baby wiggle is so pa-impress even my OB noticed it. At first she waved her hand and then maybe she heard little A voice she waved her both hands!! So priceless!! .(assuming it’s a girl!!) hehe..
After the ultrasound little A grabbed the scan photo to me and he’s making yabang to Dr. Anne. He said ” look doctor our baby is moving..see?? Even when we left the room he’s still holding it and he’s showing it to other patients..
Baby Wiggle @ 13 weeks
Baby Wiggle @ 13 weeks
Hope you’re having a wonderful week!
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Mommy,I have suprise for you!!

Received a call this morning from little A. He was so excited to tell me that he has surprise for me.

Little A – Mommy, when you come home I have surprise for you..

Mommy – Really? I am so excited to see that..

Little A – Later mommy I will show it to you..

Mommy – Ok, see you later I love you..

Little A – I love you too mommy!

When he passed on the phone to his Tita Raquiza, I asked her what’s the surprise and she send this photo.Raquiza said that litte A spell the words on his own!

Ang sweet!!


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Happy Mother’s Day

I offer one of my favorite quotes to the women who inspire me to become the person I am today…

The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  She never existed before.  The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new.  ~Rajneesh

To my mom,mother – in- law and my siblings…Happy Mother’s Day!