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Teaching bible verse to kids – Jesus Calms the Storm

Lesson: God Gives…The Gift of Peace

Aim: That the children will know that because Jesus actually LIVES IN US, WE CAN TRUST Him at all times.To care for us and gives us peace in times of trouble.

Opening idea: For more interaction with the kids, I asked them if they ever experience storm or thunder. As expected they are all excited to answer. Some said when they visited Philippines and its rainy season. Then, I asked them how do they feel/react every time they can hear thunder? Most of them said they were scared while some of them co-sleep with their parents. Lastly, I asked them if they think that Jesus can calm the storm? Seeing their puzzled faces, I knew I hit the button right.

Kids loves visual demonstration so I always opted of creating something special to make it more appealing to them.



Story: Jesus calms the storm (Mark 4: 35- 41)

Some of the highlights of the story that needs to be stress out to the kids are:

  • Jesus invite his disciples and decided to cross the lake
  • It was calm when they set sail, but a sudden storm hit the boat. The sea waves was so rough that the waves were crashing over the boat, filling it with water.
  • Since Jesus was very tired after a full day of walking and preaching, he slept in the boat and did not wake when the storm hit.
  • The disciples were very frightened.

At this stage, I paused for a while to involve the kids by asking them question- What if they were the disciples what do they think would do. Some said that they will pray, some said they will call Jesus. After hearing their answers, I proceeded.

  • The disciples thought Jesus didn’t care and they woke him up.
  • Jesus awoke and spoke to the wind then He spoke to the sea and the storms became calm.


For memory verse – I prepared a simple craft. Origami boat craft fit well for the story. To be honest, I really don’t know how to do origami craft but the night before I watched it you tube para I can teach the kids. Oh Yes, The kids went crazy when I told them that we will make a boat out of paper. Hubby was with me so he helped me in assisting the kids.





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Teaching bible verse to kids – (1 Peter 5: 7)

When I received the email about the lesson for the Friday teaching I was so worried that the topic is kinda difficult for kids to understand. For months now that I am teaching aged 5-6 I know that it will be more interactive if I will be using visuals that can truly capture their interest.

Lesson: Our Father Cares

Aim – To help children understand that God cares,provides and protects his people. We really need not to worry if we completely put our trust to HIM.

Discussion – First I asked the kids what is their greatest fear. Is there particular things that they are afraid of. Actually this part is truly amazing because when you start to ask questions to them there will be an never-ending replies from them. Interaction is the main key!

Some of them said darkness while the others said monster,dinosaurs, ghosts and mu-mu. Then I asked again how they usually deal with their fears. I smiled when I got only one answer from them ” I always pray teacher when I am afraid”. Hearing the answer from them I knew right away that these kids will surely understand the topic for the day.

Bible Story – Book of Exodus

  • Moses called by God to bring Israelites out to a new land
  • Pharoah unwilling to let them go
  • God sends ten plagues until Pharoah agrees

photo 11

1.The Nile river turns to blood. All the fish die and the Egyptians have to dig new wells for water.
2. Frogs come up from the water and cover the land. When they die, all of Egypt smells really bad.
3. Gnats (which are those teeny tiny bugs) come up from the dust and swarm over all of Egypt.
4. Flies swarm over all the land, causing all kinds of problems with sickness and food and comfort.
5. The cows and donkeys and sheep in Egypt will get sick and die except for the Hebrew’s livestock.
6. Sores (called boils) break out on all the Egyptians, all over their bodies, but not on the Hebrews.
7. A great hailstorm destroys the crops in the fields and kills many of the Egyptian’s livestock.
8. A swarm of beetles called locusts swarms over the fields and eats the remaining plants and crops.
9. Total darkness covers all of Egypt for three days, however the Hebrews still have light.
10. The firstborn son of every family will die except for the families that put the blood of a lamb on their door.

In Exodus we can see how Egyptians were begging the king to let the Hebrews go, but he was so hard-hearted that he still refused. So what finally convinced the king to let the Hebrew slaves go?The king woke up in the middle of the night to the queen’s cry because their oldest son had died. He went right away to Moses and told him to leave Egypt.

  • Pharoah changed his minds again and wanted them back
  • Pharoah sent his soldiers to bring the people back to be slaves

The Bible says that the Hebrews called out to God for help.

  • God sent an angel to guard the back of the people
  • God put cloud between the people and the army so they Egyptians could not see properly
  • God told Moses to hold out his arm over the sea and a strong wind blew back the water and made a dry path.

photo (2)

  • The Israelites went through the path to safety
  • The Egyptian chariots got stuck in the mud and the water came back and drowned them.

photo (1)

Memory Verse – Leave all your worries with God, for He cares for you (1 Peter 5: 7)

Fortunately, my schedule was after Valentines’s day.What’s a heart’s day without some hearts thrown in?

I decided to print and cut out lots of hearts card. When I look at these beautiful people, it just makes me happy to think that kids will surely impress their parents with their handmade cards.

photo (2)1

photo (1)3

I was pleasantly surprised to discover how easy and fun this project was. They all get excited!

photo (3)

Super simple…but what a nice gift to give to someone that definitely says “i love you” all over it. I would definitely be impressed and delighted to receive something like this…

photo (14)

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The best parenting advise – TRUST

This is a little word that I needed to read many times especially if sometimes little A is in the meltdown point of his toddlerhood stage.

Trust that they know when they are not hungry.

Trust when they are.

Trust that they will eat just fine some day.

Trust that they might not.

Trust that they will sleep when tired.

Trust that they will rise when they are done sleeping.

Trust when they have had a bad dream.

Trust when the blankets aren’t just so.

Trust that they truly cannot go back to sleep.

Trust that they’ve had enough.

Trust when they haven’t.

Trust when their harsh words mean something more.

Trust when their harsh words are just words.

Trust that they love when they hate.

Trust that they hate when they love.

Trust the process for making up.

Trust that they will make up.

Trust that they can work it out on their own.

Trust them.

Trust their hearts.

Trust their strength.

Trust their nice hands.

Trust their mean words.

Trust their friendships.

Trust their bonds to you.

Trust that they do get it

Trust that they understand.

Trust that they do not understand.

Trust that this too shall pass.

Trust that this too shall escalate to something else.

Trust that there will always be another phase.

Trust when they say no.

Trust when they say uh-uh.

Trust when they giggle.

Trust when they say they can do it.

Trust when they say they need help.

Trust when yes means no.

Trust when no means yes.

Trust when they say they love you.

Trust when they say they hate you.

Trust when they say nothing at all.

Trust when their faces say everything.

Trust when their faces say nothing.

Trust when times get tough.

Trust that times will get tough.

Trust when times turn wonderful.

Trust that they will be wonderful.

Trust that love is enough.

Trust that love isn’t enough.

Trust your heart.

Trust your Yeses.

Trust your Nos.

Trust yourself.

Trust your kids.

Trust that there will be another day to get it right.

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Training for Victory Graduation

Last Friday was the big day for daddy A and the rest of his batchmates.

 As you know hubby committed his time to be part of Training for Victory class.

Basically it’s a ten – week course designed to equip each students to lead,follow Jesus and make disciples.

It’s nice to see the smiles of the graduates. Their faces were so warm and very encouraging ready to face the journey.

  Being a proud and supportive wife we all came there to grace the occasion. This is one of his dream and I wanted to thank God for letting hubby experience this great blessing.

Daddy A was all smile while marching and getting his certificate.

Congratulations daddy A!!

“Come follow me,” Jesus said, “and I will make you fishers of men.”
– Matthew 4:19 (NIV)