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Learning through play – Indoor Water Play

I’ve never met a kid who doesn’t love water play. Even the smallest bin or bucket of water will keep any toddlers happy for hours. Two very simple things – water and squeezy bottle – have been keeping #chinitoinigo busy and happy again and again.


Quick and Easy Toddler Activity

What you need:

  • Small tub with 1/4 to 1/2 full of lukewarm water.
  • A small squeezy bottle
  • A towel to catch spills
  • Washable tempera paint (optional)


Directions: I filled the small tub with clear water and gave the squeezy bottle to Inigo. Eventually, I added blue tempera paint to look like an ocean.

Inigo likes to squirt the bottle. I am happy to let him since it builds fine motor skills. Squeezing the bottles is also great for fine motor skills, and it’s so much fun!  

We also used this chance of learning new vocabulary words like empty, full, squeeze, dry, wet and squirt.

Sometimes, it is often the simplest things that engage young children the most. 

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Learning through play – Sorting using IKEA Kalas Children’s Tableware

With my experience of teaching Kuya Angelo at an early age I noticed that toddlers learn so much from just living and playing!  

And now that Inigo is on the stage of exploring and like simple tasks and activities that can feel successful at accomplishing. We have been doing a lot of activities over at our house this week.


   Aside from puzzles, shape sorters, and stacking rings, we love to thrown together items around the house!  When we have had a stretch of time at home, I often quickly pull together an activity to engage #chinitoinigo that happens to introduce him to a learning concept or skill.  

Today I am sharing how we used the IKEA Kalas tableware in learning the process of sorting.

Inigo sorted the tableware according to its classification. I wanted to introduce sorting by colors as well but don’t want him to overwhelm so we settled in stacking them. But since we are also of teaching vocabulary every time he’ll picked one item I am saying the color he’s holding. Remember – repetition is the key!😊  


Inigo (now 18 months) loves to complete these tasks. What toddler doesn’t like to clap for themselves??  He learns so quickly and amazes me everyday by how much he has learned and changed in his short 18 months of living!  



 I look forward to spending more time with him and finding teachable moments in his everyday play!

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Learning through play – Fork Tulip Painting Kid’s Craft

Inigo is such a trooper and has lots of energy. He always wants to move and play around. In fact he loves to scattered the toys all over the house. To divert his energy I am trying to create an invitation a.k.a activity that doesn’t look like serious teaching. I love early learning activities. I love the idea of learning through play. 

What better way to spend a hot, summer day – than doing some crafts together! I wanted to incorporate some different and unique types of art into Inigo’s crafts, so that he didn’t feel like it was the same ol’ thing again! I think I accomplished just that too. 

Today I’m going to share how we used the wooden fork to create a wonderful painting.

For these crafts, you will need the following:

  • Tempera Paint
  • Wooden or Plastic Forks
  • Paper Plate
  • Paint brush
  • Water bottle (optional)


For this activity, since he’s only 18months old I helped him out a little bit while talking and explaining what colors we are using. If you have older child,you can let them do it all themselves, it really is up to how you want it to come out in the end!But this is really quite simple though!

STEP ONE: While I was preparing for the activity I asked to give to me the colors that he like us to use. While he’s giving it to me I’m talking to him and I’ll tell him “ok you want to use red color, nice choice! Then I’ll asked him again to choose one more so on and so forth. The idea is helping him to express himself since he can’t talk yet and to increase his vocabulary.

After selecting which paint colors to use I pour a little of each color onto paper plates.


STEP TWO: Dip the forks into the paint and press them onto the canvas. Let your child decide how many flowers and where to put them – you will add stems later!


I am not after the end product but on the process. So since he’s still baby (awww) his attention span is still short. So in between activity he will still do other things which is quite normal for his age.

While doing the Fork Tulip Painting he took one of his favorite book and tried to look for Mickey Mouse.   

   After reading he went back again and this time he wants to use the water bottle.    


I wanted him to create more flowers but he chose to have less – he needed to have his “creative freedom” I guess!


When he finally decided that he doesn’t want to continue I helped him to add the stem and vase.

That’s it! These are what our final picture looked like:   


I displayed his artworks where he can easily see it and show to his dad and Kuya. 

I love how a simple cutlery can turned into masterpiece. And the idea of using different things to paint with rather than just a paint brush is amazing! 



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Pretend Play – Cupcakes

After seeing that I was pretty sure that little boy would LOVE to play baking with mommy. I set up our baking activity.

One small twist was instead of actual cupcakes I created a more of a pretend play set up.Ironically little A made this one into a counting and sorting activity.

Now for the fun part. I gave the bag to little A hoping that he will like it and boy I was right!  It was an instant hit!!
This is what we baked according to him – strawberry, vanilla, blueberry, grass flavour ( because the grass daw is color green), lemon and lastly mocha pretend cupcakes.

Don’t they look realistic and delish?

What we really loved about this pretend cupcakes is that we were able explore the possibilities through playing, practice the ideas and develop his imagination.

Kudos for play based learning.











This is specifically for Daddy A only according to him. he will surprise daddy daw with his blueberry cupcake
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Summer Activity – R is for Rainbow Collage

Good morning everyone! I hope we are all enjoying our long weekend. It’s only 5:30 am here in UAE but can’t go back to sleep, baby wiggle is keep on kicking and moving inside. Deadmahin ko sana kaso parang I feel hungry din so here I am eating and blogging.

Anyhoo, did I mentioned here that little A is a good composer? Yes, he like music though most of his songs are composed by him. Minsan nga nagugulat kami from where his getting his lyrics.

One of his hit song to us is inspired by his fascination to rainbow colors and pancake. The song is entitled “Wehoo”. And the song goes like this.

Eating rainbow pancake
Red,Orange,Yellow,Green,Blue,Indigo and Violet..”

He will sing this song with matching dikit pisngi to our face.

And since he like the song so much I didn’t prepare cooking activity but rather let him made a rainbow collage.

This activity is the perfect craft for a hot summer day. It is a great lesson in color recognition and fine motor skills.

I set up large paper filled with bright crepe paper cuttings. If the crepe paper is not available you may use whatever bits and pieces you have at home. You could also use buttons, poms-poms or scrap from magazine.

I made the rainbow pattern from MS Word and gave the print out to little A. That makes him giggle and excited.

He used all the crepe paper bits to fill in the rainbows, and then and glued on some cotton ball clouds. Same procedure applied to letter R.

A very neat idea yet so entertaining for kids..

Have a lovely weekend everyone!!

Presenting our Rainbow Collage..













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Summer activity- Puffy Rainbow Painting

Today is holiday here in UAE. It’s a first day of Eid which means we will have a long weekend.

Now, for the artsy activity we did this morning. We tried to make homemade puffy paint.
I’ve been wanting to make Puffy paint for a while now so when little A mentioned that he wanted us to make a rainbow painting, I knew that this will be the best time to do it.
I wanted to keep the surprise element for the moment but he was so excited to help.Why not! this will be a great color exploration and a good example of sensory skills.





Making Puffy Paint is easy peasy and the result – not just fun, beautiful but also colorful.
All the ingredients are generally available in every kitchen.
Out of one batch, I intended to make six portions in six different colors.
I set aside two cups of flour in a bowl. Mixed five teaspoons baking powder and two teaspoon salt. To this I added enough water so as to get a thick pouring consistency.
We divided our mix into six parts and put them into Ziploc baggies along with some food coloring. Part of the fun was squishing it all around to mix up the colors!

20130808-144447.jpgRubber band the baggies like you would if you were icing a cake and cut little bit of the tip.



Paint away! When you’re finished, pop the painting into the microwave for 30-45 seconds and watch the paint puff up and grow – such fun!

We still have plenty of paint leftover that we can still use this afternoon.
Nothing beats cheap entertainment, especially with some fine motor skills practice and a dash of sensory skills.


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Little A as Little Juan Dela Cruz..

In few days from now Ramadan will be over which means we will be back from our usual office timings..Sadness!! Actually we are still hoping that Eid will fall on Thursday para naman atleast di kami lugi and we can still enjoy long weekend before it ends. Hoping!!

Back to our pirate activity, this time we created a pirate sword. When were done with our sword little A noticed that the sword looks like the sword of Juan Dela Cruz. And because of that he doesn’t want to be pirate na!
He said he’s little Juan Dela Cruz and he will fight for the monster daw.
Then he realized that there’s something missing with his weapon, he asked me if I can make him Bow and Arrow same as in the series. Hay naku I really don’t have plan of creating one kasi I don’t know how to do it but he’s so persistent.

Little A – Mommy, can you make me Bow and Arrow so I can be a hero?

Mommy – I am not that crafty, I don’t know how will I do it. Let me think first ok.

Little A – You’re not my best friend now! You’re not helping me!

Mommy – Just because I can’t do your Bow and Arrow were not best friends? That’s unfair!

Little A – Yes mommy! Now I am sad because of you! (showing his super arteng emote)

After 15 minutes of analysing how will I manage to do his request, I gave in! I made him Bow and Arrow made from carton box and rubber bands. You should see his face when he saw that I am working on his Bow and Arrow. And the good news is I did it!! hahaha..never estimate talaga the power of being a mother!

After handling the Bow and Arrow to little A –

Mommy – Here’s your another weapon! The Bow and Arrow

Little A – Your the best mom! Thank you for making my Bow and Arrow! (sabay kiss)

Now how can you say no to this little boy!! Awwww! The joy of having a son!

Presenting The Espada ng Katapangan (Sword of Bravery) and The Pana ng Kagitingan (Bow of Wisdom).

















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Summer activity – P is for Pirate

When the temperatures are soaring and there’s sweat dripping everywhere, one of the best things you can do to cool down is to do any little craft activity with your kiddo.

Little A is fan of Jake and the Neverland Pirates so it’s obvious that he will definitely request for a pirate mask.

It can be the highlight of the day around here so I am always on the look out for fun, easy and cheap activities to do… this has lead me to a new admiration for the humble paper plate!
With just a pack of cheap paper plates some glue, scissors a bit of paint and a few other bits you probably have around the house you and your kiddies can make just about any paper plate artwork.

You will need: Tempera paint (red,white,black and brown) Q-tips, paintbrush, googly eye
little A in his wacky shot..In a paper plate draw a line at the top portion of the plate. This will serve as the forehead with bandana. You will also need to draw the eye patch using black marker.
use the red pempera paint for the bandana and let it dry..


Start to blend the brown to paint to white paint to create beige color for the face.


Paint the face of the pirate with beige color.
Once done let the paint dry..
While waiting for the paint to dry. We practice his writing and math skills first.
He likes it if he will trace the number. By the way the printable is from Confession of a homeschooler. It’s free!!
We continue the worksheet up to the number hunt..
And were done with it!! He got another star from teacher mommy!!
And were done with it!! He got another star from teacher mommy!!
When the plate is completely dry..Little A started to use the Q-tip and white paint to decorate the bandana..
When the plate is completely dry..Little A started to use the Q-tip and white paint to decorate the bandana..
This is also a good practice for fine motor skills..
This is also a good practice for fine motor skills..
Add the googly eye using the glue..
Add the googly eye using the glue..
Wait for minutes for drying..
Wait for minutes for drying..
Presenting Jake the Pirate..
Presenting Jake the Pirate..
Simple yet so fun! Ahoy matey..
Simple yet so fun! Ahoy matey..
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Summer activity for Preschoolers

To make our summer more productive we tried to make the most of play and learning time.
Finding a fun activity for your child requires only a little of our time. In our case, right after doing his arts and crafts I let him do his own thing but before bedtime story we are answering at least 2-3 pages of the workbook.

It look tedious but eventually it will be a great help for kids to practice their learning skills.

Each workbook cost Dhs 27 and I’ve got them from Dubai Mall, sorry I forgot the store but it’s near Organic Food and Restaurant.
What I like about these workbook is right after the activity is done, you can reward your child by putting star sticker in their worksheet. And that’s what little A is excited about!








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Summer activity – Paper Plate Shark

With temperatures in the 50′s around here, there’s no denying that summer is in full swing and as a mom with super active toddler our house needs to get ready so we can enjoy a relaxing, productive and of course FUN summer break.

After the paint session yesterday, little A asked me if we can also do paper plate shark.So this is the quickest way I could think of.This was a little harder, but we figured it out…

Here are the directions….

Take a paper plate… Cut out a triangle mouth, staple/tape it on as the tail… Paint and TADA…












What we liked about our activity:

  • Little A is into mixing colors so this is a great idea/learning about mixing two colors.
  • White paint + Small amount of Black = Gray
    Imaginative Play