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Seuss Magical World – The Photobooth

To keep the good times rollin’ and in the spirit of The Cat in the Hat theme. Having a photo booth is such a great way to make sure that we get photos of all our guests by providing them with props to match the theme.

Here’s the sneak peek of our memorable snapshots..

Disclaimer – heavy post due to load of pics..

You’ve gotta love crepe papers…they are inexpensive, add so much to the look of your party!

I used fringed crepe paper as a backdrop and added the “Happy Birthday banner”. We used some of the printable prop kit, I bought colorful sunglasses for adult and kids from Party Centre – Garhoud .The party headband was from Day to Day Centre. I even had Lorax mustache and blue boa.

This was such a fabulous part of little A’s birthday celebration. Everybody was in the mood and having fun..

Thing Mom & Thing Dad
Our Happy Family
with Sue Snue
with the birthday boy
with girlfriends

Don Ronel & Donya Dresden
with DH Family

“Ang Mahigpit na photographer”..Thank you so much Tita K..
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Seuss Magical World – “Who Treats” Dessert Bar & Party Favor

Lot’s of sweets and candy may seem like a dandy but our teeth come in handy when we want to smile. So don’t forget to brush your teeth and brush real you can keep your teeth around for a while..

Being such a big fan of stylish dessert bar. I am a bit excited to create a Seussian inspired sweet table.

Nothing says birthday party like a table full of sugar.

reese chocolate

The best part? The table were filled with huge selection of candy for our sweet tooth.The table were reinforcing our theme.

hershey’s almond chocolate nuggets

I’m in love with the idea of Seuss-y rhymes on all the sweets.

cadbury milk chocolates
hershey’s cookies & chocolate
chocolate muffin with vanilla frosting & brownie pop

Have you noticed the cute truffala trees as a backdrop. How about fringe crepe paper as table cloth. Crepe Paper are now my new favorite party decoration,isn’t awesome??

And what better way to express our gratitude.

Guests took home a stylish and customized hand sanitizer from Bath and Bodyworks as party favor.

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Seuss Magical World – The Whoville Party Venue

For party details, I can only say three words elegant yet inexpensiveI really wanted to focus on the theme without going over board.

I have an overflowing amount of help from planning to execution. Thank you sissy Raquiza for all your help.The uber cute invitation was created by Raven Digital Works. I told you before that having a multi talented sibling is such a blessing. For the love of little A, Ranibell designed the invites and some of the printables for free.

To my friends who cooked delightful dish for the event. Thank you so much! You truly love our family!!

I cannot tell you how awesome it is, based on feedback from our friends, to see what a party looks like all together–the dinner table, a sweet table, and a few close up images to see the details.

What I love is how cute the table runner. I got it on sale aed 19 from Ikea. It made the table so cute! In addition, I spread Dr. Seuss book collection. This add a “wow factor”.To incorporate with the the theme utensils were wrapped in yellow napkins and tied with customized wrapper

 I also printed labels for juice boxes an water.It was a clever idea! Im’glad I’ve found a free printable from paperlily and “Catch my party” blog. You can never go wrong when it comes to beautifying the look using printables, right?

Remember I told you,party could looked bongga without over spending..

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Seuss Magical World – The Party Hat and Happy Birthday Guest Book

I am thrilled to share with you our intimate celebration of this most joyous birthday party.

To grace the occasion the birthday boy  wear something extra special on his birthday.I decided to create a whimsical,personalized,customized and fun party hat for him. The hat was made out of a crepe paper following the pattern of the Cat in the Hat book.

Happy Birthday Guest book

Probably my favorite idea was the guest book.  I purchased Dr Seuss’ Happy Birthday To You book at the Bookworld- Dubai Mall. We asked guests to write a message to little A on any of the pages and had feathery pen that looks like “Thing 1 and Thing 2” set up.

 Hubby took photos to the guests while writing their sweet messages. It was such a great keepsake from the day.

Thank you guys for the great entries.We’ll definitely keep the book forever

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Seuss Magical World – The Birthday Cake

We celebrated little A’s 3rd birthday over the weekend with a Seussian inspired theme ! For a little while, we weren’t sure if the party was actually going to happen. As you may know, the venue is quite far.

But I can’t say enough words about how much we enjoyed the night.In the end though, We were really happy with the results.  What made us so much more happy though was the great turn-out!  We really do have the best friends and family anyone could ever ask for! It warmed our hearts to have them all here to celebrate with us though the venue was really a long journey.  From the bottom of our heart, thank you so much for celebrating with us.

Little A’s birthday party was a most important event in our lives, well worth an intimate celebration.

First off, no party is complete without adorable birthday cake, right?!

The Cat in the Hat birthday cake-oh, the cake–it was created by a very talented Leila Dabu.It was a 2 layered tier cake. First layer was covered in blue with little A ‘s name while the second layer was an exact resemblance of the hat.

It was white and red fondant and finished with Karlos K. Krinklebein (Yes- that’s the name of the fish)and The Cat in the Hat cake topper. And because the little boy loves chocolate cake, we ordered chocolate flavor. And that’s the best decision. Almost all of our guests are raving for the yummy-ness.

It also served as the centerpiece of the candy buffet–so guests to ouuu and ahhh at its beauty until it was time for the birthday candle to be placed in the top and lit for the birthday boy to blow out.

Dealing with Leila  was a breeze. It was smooth sailing transaction. I only send couple of inspirations and she created a masterpiece. To Lai – Thank you so much for the effort and time for creating a gorgeous cake for our son. I’m sure there will be more transactions to come.

For order and inquiry, please visit Leila Dabu Facebook account.

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Little A’s Suessical Birthday Celebration

I had so much fun planning little A’s birthday party.Since the little boy is a huge fan of Dr. Seuss,we marked the occasion with a timeless,sweet, elegant, warm, seussical birthday party at Radisson Blu Yas Island- complete with family and friends, of course!

When we were planning the party of little A, I was convinced there had to be a way to still throw an adorable party and not break the bank.We wanted a simple celebration without compromising the fun. To cut on costs we made a lot of the food ourselves and with the help of our friends.The rest of the decors are all DIY.Seriously! Don’t underestimate the power of DIY…

It’s always fun to set the stage for a party with Seuss’ magical world.

More party details coming soon..

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The party hat is on..

No it can’t be!!

Is it really true??

Oh My! Oh My!

Our little cheeky monkey, little A is turning 3!!

A birthday celebration,I’m so excited!

I know some new tricks,some new games we can play!

You could not, would not want to miss the celebration quite like this.

We’ll eat some cake and cupcakes too!

We’ll have tons of FUN!