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Merry Christmas Eve Day

Should I still say Merry Christmas or Happy New Year?!!

I pray y’all had a blessed Christmas celebrating the Lord’s birth – the One who came to be the only thing that could ever truly make our homes happy.

For Christmas Eve we just had a simple dinner and luckily daddy A’s schedule permit him to be on time for noche buena.



I easily get tired so I didn’t bother to prepare super special menu. I just cooked whatever we have on our fridge and pantry.

For Noche Buena I’ve prepared Spaghetti, Kare – Kare, Fried Chicken and Fruit Salad for dessert.





After dinner we let the kids open their presents. There’s always a joy seeing them excitedly unwrapping their gifts.



For Inigo we gave him Mickey Mouse Trolley Bag. He loves Mickey Mouse so much and he always wanted to used Kuya Angelo’s school bag so when we spotted this luggage bag at Shoe Mart we knew that this will  be perfect for him.



For Kuya Angelo naman he’s been praying for this Superman Lego for quite some time now. In fact hubby and I don’t have plan talaga of buying him one. But when you heard your son praying for particular toy every night parang you wanted to give him toy that he will truly appreciate. Buti na lang we did kasi he was so grateful that night that even when we are about to sleep he keeps on thanking Papa Jesus.



I’ve been eyeing to have a white chic sunglasses so daddy A got me Coach shades and I gave him Rayban Polarized shades din…hehe! Exchange gift lang kami talaga!



I hope that you have a joyous time celebrating the holiday season!

Merry Christmas!

“The Lord has done great things for us, and we are filled with joy.” Psalm 126:3

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On the 11th day of Christmas

It’s almost Christmas and that means it’s time to get fancy in the kitchen.

So while I am preparing fruit salad for our tonight’s dessert I made simple activity for Kuya Angelo.


It’s English Lesson – Framing Sentences.

Ok.. ok I know it’s winter break and he should be playing only but when you have “no tv policy” in the house you’ll have to come up with something that will make them engaged.

This Christmas season aside from reading our Christmas Book Collection we are also reading The Birth of Jesus to Kuya Angelo.

I highly recommend Gospel Bible Story by Marty Machowski. It’s a complete bible stories from Old Testament to New Testament.

So on the 11th day of Christmas, I prepared worksheet related to Christmas Story.



I am so thankful and blessed that at his young age he knew that Jesus is our Saviour and Christmas is not about Santa and presents but rather Christmas is about giving.
And God gave us the greatest gift of our lives. And that’s JESUS!




Wishing you a Merry Christmas and Joyful New Year!

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On the 10th day of Christmas


This year we made sure that Kuya Angelo will understand the true meaning of Christmas..

So in our family, we are trying to work on being more thankful to family and friends during the christmas season.



That’s why on the 10th day of Christmas Kuya Angelo and I decided to make a handmade christmas cards…




They don’t need to be anything fancy.



He likes it and think these are kind of magical to make and they are pretty easy..





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It’s a Girl Outdoor Maternity Shoot

When I realized that I am already on my 32 weeks I panicked! Whoa! I still don’t have my maternity shoot yet my face and feet are now swelling.

IMG_1977 To my surprise I still don’t know when we will schedule it because of our commitments. But no way I will let this pregnancy passed without capturing the precious moment.


So yesterday while Kuya Angelo was still in the school we sneaked in and went to our favorite spot. IMG_1978

I am so pleased how they turned out. Daddy A took a lot of photos and it’s so hard to choose my favorites. We can’t wait to see our darling princess to come out in this world and yes if you read my previous post it’s a girl.

IMG_2090 I hope y’all enjoyed the photos as much as we do.





And I am enthralled to meet you Jelly Bean few months from now.



 Daddy, Mommy, Kuya Angelo and Kuya Inigo loves you so much!



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Jelly Bean Gender Reveal

Daddy A and I are so excited to announce that we are expecting our third baby in February 2015.

IMG_20141217_0001_NEW copy We are more than thrilled and can’t wait to see how are family grows.

It is such a precious time in our life and I am so fortunate to share it with all of you that 

Jelly Bean is a…


We are so extremely happy to have a baby girl in the house. We are still in awe that finally our castle will have a princess..Such a blessing!


Thank you so much to my supportive husband for capturing this moment again.

Thanks a lot for being so patient to me though I am a bit moody in my own photo shoot.

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VCF Sharjah Volunteers All Star!


Every year we have the awesome privilege for a night of fellowship, laugh, eat delicious food and enjoy the time of silliness.

All Volunteers are gathered to show how our church appreciate our effort of serving God through our ministries.

It’s my second time to attend and I must say that the organizers nailed it! To say I have fun is quite understatement.

This year theme is Volunteers All Star. We were asked to submit our Hollywood Look a Like and we need to come in the venue with the same look. At first I was hesitant because I was too shy. But when I searched in the net I’ve found this beautiful actress preggy and in short hair. .

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Inigo and his first hair cut

My son recently had his very first haircut two weeks after his 1st birthday. It was bitter sweet. His long hair reminds me of “Watzelei” of Meteor Garden.

This was Inigo a few days before his appointment.



My chinito Inigo.. my little good looking kid. His hair was always a mess. Longer on top than it was anywhere else. There are times i need to use pony tail so his eyes will not be irritated.

Daddy A and I were too nervous about his first cut because we didn’t want him to look too different and it is kind of a big boy thing and we are both in denial that he’s growing so fast.



We brought him to kiddie saloon at Fun City Reef Mall Dubai. Hair Cut priced at aed 35.

He was so afraid with scissors next to his head. He was so cranky, crying and wailing the whole time.

Even Mickey Mouse didn’t helped to make him calm. Drama-rama sa hapon talaga ang peg namin sa saloon. But it had to be done. These are his reaction the entire time.




The stylist was quick and just took some of the length off the top and trimmed up the sides.

Here’s the after picture..



After two weeks nasanay na din kami sa kanyang new look..