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Don’t be afraid,Mom” Jesus is here”

Last night before our bedtime story little A asked if we can still play “hiding the blanket” first. Actually this is one of our bonding also. We will hide under the blanket and then daddy or tita keke will look for us.
 Mommy: (me whispering to him) “what’s that”
Little A : Don’t whisper mom, say “what’s that” (in a louder tone)
Mommy: Ok, what’s that (following his tone)
Mommy: Little A have you heard something??
Little A: No!
Mommy: I think there’s owl outside
Little A: Don’t be afraid,Mom” Jesus is here
Mommy: Really? Where
Little A : Yes! (nodding) In my heart…he’s protecting us!!
Aww..I’m so overwhelmed naman that he really knew that Jesus is always protecting us.

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