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I will PAK the cockroach!

After bathing little A he sat on the floor and started playing his Hot Wheels

Mommy: Little A you’re not yet wearing your brief, you want the cockroach to eat your patutoy?

Little A: If the cockroach will come here, I will PAK him!

Mommy: WHAT?? what you will do with the cockroach?

Little A: I will PAK him.(still playing)

Mommy: What do you mean PAK?

Little A: (Stood up, took one slipper and said) If there’s cockroach mommy I will do like this (he’s describing his plan), I will get the slipper and PAK (sabay palo sa wall)

Mommy: (Sorry! but I laughed hard talaga) Ah you mean you kill the cockroach using slipper?

Little A: No I will not kill them mommy, that’s bad only PAK. I will PAK the cockroach!


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