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Explore,Express and Enjoy! – Let’s get physical

As a working parents we make sure to spend the most of our weekend with fun and memoirs.

Yesterday after doing our household chores hubby and I decided to visit Al Majaz Park. It is located between Jamal Abdul Nasser Street and the Corniche of the Khalid Lagoon, a vital residential and commercial district few kilometers away from our house.

While this is a great time that offer hours of pleasure without great expense..This is also a better time to sneak in some learning to little A.

Little A may not see climbing,running, jumping and playing games as exercise but it is beneficial in boosting his stamina and energy levels as well as as building healthy muscles and bones.

It was quite an impressive seeing Daddy Al and Little A revel in being adventerous and extending and experimenting with their physical capabilities.

I love how such a simple activity kept him happily occupied for a long time–all while burning lots of extra energy!

Above all physical play is FUN.

While for others it could be a relaxing day out-watching birds, reading books or just chillin.

For us with a toddler that is so active  it could be a very tiring yet the best genuine quality time together as a family.

No day out is complete without a treat! A cup of frapp, chocolate cookies and donuts from Tim Hortons fits all..

Have fun playing outside with your kids this summer!



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