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Thank you Raquiza…

Every time my sister is off she will automatically go home to Sharjah and spend her off babysitting little A. Not only she’s enjoying it but she loves to do household chores in our house. Sometimes nga naiinis na ko kasi ang sipag nia. When she learnt that I am pregnant and I am experiencing extreme morning sickness she’ll go home even if it’s not her off just to cooked for us. I am so lucky kasi she’s really a great help to our family considering how far Sharjah is. When she’s home the first thing she’ll do is to check our food stocks. Once everything is planned,the next thing I knew she already prepared food good for 3 days. With ibat-ibang putahe ha..

Today I woke up late alam mo naman pag buntis hirap bumangon so I am alarmed kasi my lunch pack is not yet ready and I don’t have enough time na to do it.To my surprise everything is ready na dadamputin ko na lang..she prepared a complete baon from breakfast, mid snack, lunch and meryenda..happy tummy na naman si mommy!

To Raquiza – thank you for taking care of us!! Promise di ko na lalaiitin manliligaw mo..hehehe. But really I really appreciate your kindness and love to us!! (umaarte..hahaha)

homemade tuna sandwich complete with vegetable!!

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