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Pregnancy updates @ 13 weeks

To set the record straight I am only 13 weeks pregnant though I looked like 5 months so please stop asking me what’s the gender because if you guys are excited to know we are much elated to find out.

So what’s the development of baby wiggle @ 13 weeks:

Baby Wiggle @ 13 weeks
Baby Wiggle @ 13 weeks

How I’m feeling: Morning sickness is lessen. Thank God to Navidoxine! I was prescribed to take the tablet twice a day for ten days due to extreme vomiting and nausea. I was also admitted (again!) because of dehydration,need to be dextrosed and advised to take bed rest for a week. But the good news is – Hypertension is getting better.

Dislikes: I hate perfumes! Most especially the smell of the lotion particularly Shea Butter or Chocolate scent. It makes me sick the whole day!!

Total Weight Gain/loss: I lost weight though I looked fat. Maybe effect of morning sickness.
Maternity Clothes: None yet – I am still using my old dresses.
Gender: We’ll find out on June 30. I am scheduled for Morphology scan.So excited!
Movement: I don’t know if I am just paranoid but I can feel that baby wiggle is moving. Not sure though kasi maaga pa daw para dun..
Sleep: So far I still don’t have sleepless nights. In fact, I sleep like a baby..
What I miss: Drinking coffee and Chips!!
Cravings: I am into vegetable so far…wehehe
Symptoms: I get a little queasy at night still and my energy levels are lacking as well.
Best moment so far: Since we wanted little A to be involved with my pregnancy,we let him to be inside the room.We’re all thrilled while looking at the monitor.Baby wiggle is so pa-impress even my OB noticed it. At first she waved her hand and then maybe she heard little A voice she waved her both hands!! So priceless!! .(assuming it’s a girl!!) hehe..
After the ultrasound little A grabbed the scan photo to me and he’s making yabang to Dr. Anne. He said ” look doctor our baby is moving..see?? Even when we left the room he’s still holding it and he’s showing it to other patients..
Baby Wiggle @ 13 weeks
Baby Wiggle @ 13 weeks
Hope you’re having a wonderful week!

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