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New Year..New You

I was never a fan of doing any New Year Resolution because of the fact that I often failed.

It’s not the first time I aim to lose weight in a healthy way, I won’t lie, I am the most lazy person when it comes to exercising. Believe me, I tried but after the muscle pain I will stop and go back to my old ways of looking for a quicker solution.

Indeed, most of the time I end up taking medicine,herbal tea or worst slimming coffee..


After gaining so much weight after the holiday I can feel something was wrong with me.My skin is so dry. My face is so bloated, my belly is bulging like butete.And the worst nightmare ang braso ko ay di paawat sa paglaki lalo! Yaiks! Blame it to the all the sweets and weekly christmas party.hehehe Lesson learned – wag PG! as in Patay Gutom..huhu



Yesterday was a great motivation!Hubby encouraged me to try running. Me running?? Sa kupad kong to?? Sige na nga!

We woke up early and jogged along Al Majaz park.Hubby said that we MUST do it regulary.In fact bumili na sia ng jogging pants nia..Wow determinado!!

Hmmm,let’s see! Sana nga kaya ng powers ko!



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