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Feel – good weekend…

How was your week been so far? I’ve been catching up on some much-needed rest and sleep. Morning sickness is driving me crazy! Can’t even find time to play with little A and it’s really frustrating. Luckily, even at his young age he understand mommy’s condition. He’s always praying for me, asking Papa Jesus to lay his healing hand to me every time he sees me vomiting.

I wanted to de-stress myself so I will share Baby Wiggle’s first photo-shoot. Taken last April 13 when we finally heard the heartbeat. I couldn’t contain my excitement. It’s like I am newbie mom again. I gushed when I saw daddy’s A smile “ngiting abot sa tenga”…

001 (2)

On the other news the result of my hypertension turns out badly. I am into medication and was advised not to miss single pill. I was also being told to cut my salt intake. Meaning no junk food but rather eat more veggies and fruits. Healthy lifestyle = Healthy pregnancy. But of course temptation is always around the corner..hahaha

Last Friday we were invited by our dear friend Anne. Dumating kasi ang kanyang habibi from Qatar. Mark is completely opposite of Anne. While Anne can be the life of the crowd, Mark on the other hand is a quiet type guy. But one thing I liked about him is his genuine love for Anne. I am happy seeing them together!! Little A was in the mood as well, he’s so pabibo and kept on entertaining us with his version of Gangnam Style.Sing and Dance lang ang peg nia. I don’t know if we were just too hungry or were all busy that we forgot to have group picture and decent shot sa aming table.hehe

Once again thank you Anne and Mark for the treat!! Next time we’ll get bigger table para di madalian ang pag-ubos sa food!! hahaha..








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