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Teaching Bible verse to kids (Exodus 2:15-22)

Well hello there! I hope you all have a chance to spend some fun time with family and friends last weekend.Albeit,everyone is back in the swing of back-to-work routines now, and life is getting busier than ever.

We had a great weekend that I can’t wait to share.

As you all know I am part of Kids Ministry in our church and last Friday I had the privileged to teach the Level 1 – Preschool.The class was mainly  between the age of 5-6 years old.

Our lesson is about “Helping people in need”. In this lesson the best example to impart the values of helping was the biblical chapter of Exodus 2: 15-22. The chapter is how Moses defends the lady shepherd.

Just a quick kwento – When I was preparing my lesson my sister and hubby saw the props I will use supposedly for Friday and they make lait as in they were laughing. I can’t blame them kasi originally I printed images which is not age appropriate. Don’t get wrong but the only images I’ve found in google are mostly paintings. Since Thursday was a busy day for me at work I didn’t have the chance to research which obviously is not an excuse. So after all tha lait and kutya – (which I must say is my realization point!) I came up with another idea. It really helps when you’re praying and trusting God to help you in times of cramming. When your mind can’t think and all you have to do is surrendered to HIM and trust that everything will work according to his plan.

That’s where the idea of story telling came up. I remember my sister keeps on reminding me ‘ate yung props mo nmn parang greyego tsaka parang di ikaw yan”.

I used materials readily available in our home. Tissue rolls, clothes pin, clip arts and even little A’s coloring books.

And here’s what I end up:

I’m up till 2 am just to finish my lesson.It was tiring yet very fulfilling. When I’m done I feel so relieved. Ang kyoot ng result.

For memory verse I printed two faces (boy and girl). My plan is – I will ask the kids on what will they feel if they help people who are in need. Will they follow Moses example on defending the daughters of Jethro from a bad male shepherds? Does helping others is a happy feeling?

I made sure to make it simple for them to understand the verse (Proverbs 11:25) Helped others,and you will be helped..

Come Friday afternoon and everything was set. My lesson and the kids. My co-teacher Jenny was in-charge for the application and food distribution.

The verdict – It was a huge success! Not because of me but because God gave me wisdom to teach to these little creatures about hiswords. They loved how I demonstrated the story. Whenever I will changed the tone of my voice you can see they are giggling and laughing. When I asked them if they will offer help when they see a person in need they all agreed and said yes! They said that it is happy to help and it will be pleasing to daddy God’s eyes. And also when I’m about to give the characters no one took home the bad shepherds. Ayaw da nila kasi bad guys!

And for the drawing – they all created a happy faces. Oh yes, not to mentioned, they are all excited to get a star..

What a blessing to be part of Kids Ministry.


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