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A day with teachers..

In our church we have a ministry called Kids Ministry. We are a group of believers (parents or singles) who are willing to faithfully teach/share God’s word to kids.  We have level one ranging from 3-7 years old and level two aged 8-12 years old.

The class starts with praise and worship.I love seeing those kids singing and dancing.It’s so cute! Followed by a simple discussion with props so kids can easily grasp the lesson.

For a several weeks now we are training little A to attend the class. We’d like him to be passionate for God while at the same time developing his social skills by interacting with same age group.

Part of our training/motivating him every Friday are:

  • sleep early so we could all wake up without a fuzz.
  • while inside the car we will talked something exciting about learning,sharing,playing with kids to make it more exciting for him.
  • that teachers are preparing great lesson about Daddy God and Papa Jesus.

First few sessions wasn’t a success. He was very shy,timid and doesn’t want to participate in the lesson. Which is quite normal at his age. But last Friday was not one of those “NO, I don’t want to listen to teacher” nor “No, Mommy you come with me”moments.Those days were suddenly over.

The sun began to shine, the birds began to chirp and miraculously, my cheeky naughty little boy began to be more cooperative and friendly.Life was grand, I must say. At this point I think it helps that we attended afternoon class. The little boy became jolly and cheerful again.

Oh boy! I wasn’t sure whether I was ready to let him go and be there alone.Hahaha..stage mother lang ang peg!

But hubby insisted paano daw masasanay so before leaving I talked to the teachers and informed them that everything was in his bag. His milk,his water and his food. I gave my mobile number so they could easily reached me if something happen. Thank you Teacher Wowie and Teacher Clarisse for the patience..

What a comfort to know that our children are in such loving hands so parents could attend the service without worrying that their kiddos were running,playing and worst crying around the church. It was a great pleasure for parents like us that there were committed teachers willing to take care of them even in few hours.

When we fetched him he looked at us with this big goofy grin and showed his artwork. We are so proud of him because he didn’t throw a fit and his teachers said he’s participating and sometimes he’s becoming naughty pero nakikinig pag napagsasabihan.Wehehehehe..

When he’s daddy was putting him in his car seat he was making pa- impress

Little A: Daddy look  (showing his artwork)”Jesus read the scriptssss (he can’t read the scripture properly..hehe) Luke 4:16

I was amazed that he can atually read the verse. Though hirap siang mag prononunce ng scriptures at least he’s trying. Good Job Little A!!

I hope this will be the start of our goodbye drama Fridays..


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