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Bible Hero – The Story of Joseph (Genesis 37-46)

For the month of May we will be teaching the Heroes of the bible and among of all the heroes written on the bible Joseph is the one of the greatest example. His humbleness,faithfulness and loyalty are one of the many strong characters that we need to impart to our kids.

The aim of the story is to show that Joseph was faithful to God during the hard times and the good times. Because of this, God blessed Joseph and saved his family during the famine.

And because I am part of the Arts and Crafts team we are assigned to prepare the activity of the level 1 kids ranging from 3-6 years old. What a better way to demonstrate the bible story than a Joseph and the coat of many colors.

Memory Verse: For the Lord protects those who are loyal to him (Psalm 31:23)

Joseph Crafts – Hand Crafts Stick Puppet


  • Crafts sticks
  • Markers
  • Construction papers or A4 papers
  • Magazine scraps
  • Glue


1.Cut out the Joseph shape


2. Cut out the coat shape. We used sticky back plastic (contact paper) but card would work just as well.


3.  Fold Joseph over so that the two halves fit on top of each other. Tape a lolly stick to the inside of the Joseph shape and then glue the two halves together.



4. You may decorate one half of the coat shape with lots of colors. Tape the sides of the coat together so it won’t come off the figure.






 6. Give the puppet a smiley face.





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