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We were invited – Johan Turns Two – Jollitown Themed Party

We’re finally HOME after six long years of not visiting our home country. We are so overwhelmed with all the special treatments that my children are getting from their grandparents. No wonder that parents and lolo’t – lola are having conflicts. Parents will create rules while grandparents breaks it! Sometimes it freaked me out! But I guess that’s their way of showing affection😁

Moving on recently we attended my nephew’s 2nd birthday and we were all excited! Why not?! It’s Jollibee Party!The party was held in Alabang Festival City. 

 The theme were Jollitown and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. 

This party is full of cute ideas that any child who love Jollibee will surely have fun!

Kids got to enjoyed face painting, photobooth, games and prizes and of course the appearance of Jollibee and Hetty mascots.





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