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We were invited – Teddy Bear Theme Party

The weather is too hot and humid here in UAE. The temperature is starting to rise up to 45-50 degrees. ☀️

Fortunately, our family were invited to a free one night stay at Radisson Blu Hotel in Sharjah. Whew! That’s favor, right?! Thank you Jen for inviting us the kiddos enjoyed our stay and most especially the pool area. 

       Anyhow, If you have a soft spot for fluffy and oh-so-cute teddy bears, then this adorable Teddy Bearday celebration is too awesome not to post.

Jen is so passionate in styling parties. So for her to style her own party was superb while creating absolutely FLAWLESS teddy bear inspired desserts! 

She tried to keep it simple yet BEAR-y cute!

The party is held in Radisson Hotel so both adults and kids can relax, chit-chat, fill their bellies and entertain themselves with outdoor activities. 

We also enjoyed the games prepared by the master host Meredith and Jojit. It’s our first time to play Jenga and kaka excite and kakakaba pala yun😁


And because sharing is caring the night also honored all the fathers in the house with matching cake pa! Bonggels🎉🎂


Once again Happy Birthday Jen! You’re such a blessing to all of us. May God continue to used your gifts and talents para marami ka pang batang mapasaya sa parties nila. 



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