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Home organization 101 – Filing of important documents

Between the two of us hubby is the “masinop and very organized” type of a man.Yan ha honest ako nyan!!
He’s saving all the receipts and manuals of all the things we purchased. But the downside of it although he’s keeping it (halo-halo naman) and worst we are only placing it under our bed..
In my attempt of organizing all our household paperwork I collated all our important documents,print labels,break up all the major sections inside the tabbed dividers and file it in one folder. I  love the way it turned out..So organized!
I did this because I wanted to be able to take the case with me on the go and
not be stressed over losing something. Especially that hubby has loads of documents.

Also I prefer to keep important documents in our safe in case of emergency..

In the meantime let me share our Family Case..

Now, I’m also  planning to organize all our household paperwork into 3 binders (Kitchen recipes,Finances and Manuals and Warranty for all the appliances and gadgets..

This maybe too much of  a headache and tedious work – but this is worth your time..

Better safe than sorry!!


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