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Home organization 101 – The wall of LOVE

Hi there! How’s your weekend? Mine was quite busy. Guess what keeping me busy aside from attending birthday party again..hehe

It’s my home organization project again..

Once upon a time we had an entry that looked like this….

After almost two years of living with eye-sore and awful entry wall..

I am excited to transform the space and make it more chic.

It was such a tricky spot to problem solve since our main switch board looks really disgusting.

To hide the main switch board. I printed subway art and framed it. I bought all the frames from IKEA but most of them was from “AS IS” section including the big frame.

(tip: before roaming around – it’s a MUST to looked at this corner- sometimes you can find gem on that area)

SOOooo pretty!! Now the nook is a space with meaning and simply ADORABLE! It’s simple.  Nothing here is overdone.

 This was one of the best organizing decisions I’ve ever made.  The small  touches make our house a home..

Now,I am pretty sure that every time we are putting on our shoes or leaving/getting our keys – it will always brings a smile to our face  daily..

Why not??

Say hello to Santa Claus and Snowman..

 Because this little space in our house creates a haven of tranquility.

For me, it is about loving the ones I already do have and simply organizing it..


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