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Sanctuary for kids – Little A’s Playroom

One of our goals in our family is that to look for ways to help others – that we have the tremendous privilege of being blessing to others.

When my friend informed me that they are raising money through garage sale for the medication of her relative in the Philippines,I volunteered that I’ll be bringing old stuff of little A particularly old toys and books.

I really can’t understand why at his age he can have so many toys, 4 cars,2 scooters,stuff toys and lots of other toys.

I spent Saturday afternoon of de-cluttering little A’s room. After the general cleaning, I am happy that I got 3 full bags of toys that are not age appropriate for little A. What’s the use of putting it in the box for the next baby when these things can be a great help/useful for a friend.

Apart from that I also figured that the playroom is a sanctuary for kids though it is a complete nightmare cleaning and organizing the room. I’ve got to see the room so neat and tidy. Everything is properly arranged. From art section,bookshelves and toys section.

I actually dug deep in my archives to find this really old photo of
how the room once was.A before shot of what this area looked like 2 years ago.



A lot of changes but one thing remain – Giving him the option to tumble into a fun space to let loose and be a kid.

photo (11)

photo (10)

photo (9)

photo (15)


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