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Learning through play – Let’s face it

Does anyone else feel like October is going by too fast?

Last Saturday I had the chance to pull out some of our Christmas decor. I must say that I am quite excited to decorate our tree this year.

Last year our theme is silver,blue and red.

This year I wanted to be more festive so I’m considering red and gold.

A friend of mine suggested that it will look nice to mix the tangerine to the red and gold ornaments.

But the problem is I don’t have budget for new decors. So while I am still figuring out how can mix and match our old decor let me share to you our last week activity with little A.

A face and body template + plastic dividers + dry erase marker = hours of entertainment.

How fun to let your child match the word to the correct spots.A simple way of practising his reading skills and writing skills at the same time.

Remember in my previous blog I’ve mentioned that the little boy is fascinated with numbers lately. A great way to teach your kids numbers while having fun is by doing matching game .I printed 1-10 numerals and write the numbers in word. This is his favorite so far!

Finally, ang favorite bondingan ng mag-ama..

Our family is a huge fan of Mc Donalds Happy Meal toy.Last week they launched Science Crazy Toy collection.

The toys are really useful for my little scientist! He’s really focused.

Our Saturday afternoon are filled
with entertainment and celebrations through a pancake merienda delights..

Let’s face it – this month is too much fun.

Happy learning through play..


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