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Learning through play – DIY Cardboard Castle and Crown..

We had lots of balikbayan boxes in our house since we arrived. And I can’t just afford to throw it without putting it in good use.

Our weekend includes creating a fort like a strong fortress for our prince and princess.

Introducing our easy and DIY castle..

  So, I started off by cutting turrets, windows and a simple flap for a drawbridge.  

I was supposed to add some ribbon to create a draw bridge and a handle but can’t find any. So I just cut out a castle window on the side.

We didn’t paint it and just used it as it is and the fun started.

 At the beginning of the play, Isabelle was dressed as a princess and the boys loved to be knights. Luckily, the Kids Church topic was about the Armor of God so they still have shields and swords.

Later on the boys wanted to become prince and wear crown. Cardboard are all over our house so it’s easy for us to make one. I cut the pattern and asked them to decorate their own crown using color pencils and markers.

 Kuya Angelo made a rainbow colored crown while I draw shapes in Inigo’s crown and to my surprise he colored it with the color i used for the shapes.

When they are done they can’t contain their excitement to play again in the castle.

 They asked daddy A to be the dragon and the rest of the day were all laughters and pretend play.



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