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2011 Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 1- Day 12

Ahhh it’s finally here! Summer vacation is now over, hoping you had a great time with your loved ones. New season and amazing weather are just around the corner, now it is time to feel that Christmas is fast approaching.

I must say that we had a crazy and fun August month.When the BER months hits the calendar almost all of us are getting excited.I started thinking about September always seems to be a fresh start of months. . Last year we started our Christmas Calendar Countdown.But since I was in despair over the lack of ideas and time simply I downloaded the template from and customized it according to the stash I have with me.

It took me overnight to finished little A’s christmas tree countdown. I didn’t know that listing 25 activities to do before christmas would spend so much time. I scoured over the internet to check age appropriate arts and crafts and found some interesting ideas and tutorials. I had not anticipated the fun I would have while making christmas countdown calendar and I certainly didn’t anticipate that little A would be excited as the days went on. But the thing that made me most excited, was when I learned that this year we opted to continue the tradition and wanting to do it again and again and again.

Here’s our 25 list of activities for 2011 Christmas Countdown.

1. Hit the beach with friends
2. Playdate with friends
3. Treat to Fun City – our first ever carousel ride (di ko na uulitin..kakahilo!)
4. Swim..Swim..Swim at our homemad bubble bath
5. Qanat Al Qasba visit –
Last year seems our firsts for adventurous activities with little A – our first ferris wheel ride..
6. Ice cream treat
7. Movie date with his favorite mouse –
his all time christmas movie treat – watching Twice Upon a Christmas..
8. C is for Christmas (Christmas puzzle and Candy cane lacing)


seeing his favorite dinosaur for the first time
10. Finger paintings – (Christmas tree and lights art activities) – Using his fingers we created the christmas lights.We used red,yellow, green and blue colors.Then he started to mixed the colors.Lastly using sharpie, we connected all the colors.


Using green tempera we did the hand painting christmas tree. I assisted little A to draw the stand.
little A’s small hands.
11. Santa Claus face using paper plate and cotton
trying to assemble santa’s face
our own version of Santa Claus – Ho!Ho!Ho!
12. Sensory bin (Christmas theme )

scooping and pouring with cotton,christmas ornaments,corn kernels and measuring spoon.