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Christmas Calendar Countdown: Day 7 – Little Gingerbread Man

Hello Darlings!

December 7th – this is a fun little activity to do over the weekend.

For the past whole week we’be been doing activities that is christmas related and I must say that as the day went on the little man is getting more excited!

Today the Christmas activity is:

Gingerbread Man Clay


But warning this is not a neat idea especially if your assistant is so thrilled! Expect for a challenging mess!


If your curious how to make homemade clay, it just like any other version. But the only difference is the pretty brown color and the rich enticing aroma.




The good thing about this gingerbread recipe is we wont be needing to turn on the oven.But the fragrance of the spices,your home will smell as if you are baking a real gingerbread cookies except for the taste!! hehe



And because the little man is a fan of Ben 10, he started to create one of Ben 10 monster.

Meet the funny face of Humungousaur..



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