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Hello February

First off, I apologize for being MIA. I’d never imagine that taking care of a demanding four year old and an almost three month old, plus managing the house can be exhausting! I’ve never been this busy my entire life! It’s all new to me.

Seems like the weather is beginning to change. Literally. I’ve always considered myself a cold weather person. Summer heat always make me grumpy and winter chills always make me feel the coziest but not when you have children. You will learn to hate the cold weather and just prayed for the right temperature.

Anyway,I’ve been  complaining about the weather for quite sometime now. Why not?! We are all tormented by cough and flu and it all started after the Prophet Mohammed holiday. It so sudden, the least thing we knew we are driving to the hospital as little A suffered from influenza which cause him to be absent for a whole week. Apart from staying in a while in the ER for some laboratory test the doctor decided to do x-ray also to make sure that it’s not pneumonia. He’s feverish na kasi. Luckily he was not admitted but needs to drink lots of medicine.


Even Baby wiggle suffered from colds and flu but again thank God for the breast milk that even though he’s sick he’s still gaining weight.


It’s been three weeks and virus finally leave our house. So hubby and I decided not to leave the house and go to the crowded area where germs and viral infection can be transfer.

It’s really been awful. It’s just colds and coughs but we’ve been miserable just the same. Lesson learn – Have a flu vaccine before the winter to avoid such a nightmare experience!


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