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Letter to Baby Wiggle @ 2 months

Oh my goodness today you are now two months old and our love for you has intensified and getting to know you each and everyday has been so much fun.



It’s your doctor’s appointment today  and we are surprised  that you doubled your weight since the day we took you from the hospital. I thank God for blessing me with abundant milk so I can feed your demand. You are now 5 kg and 55 cm long. Praise God!! Indeed breastmilk is truly a liquid love.

Inigo @ 2 months

And speaking of  love, your eyes are open so much longer during the day. You love to talk,smile and respond to us. Your smiles makes our heart jump. It’s funny how daddy keeps on asking you to smile all the time. And you are so generous to give us more and more of them.


You love your bath time and you are very content with the time daddy is spending with you. That’s why he is so delighted bathing you whenever he’s off.


You slowly have made your way into 3-6 month clothes and most of your little newborn clothes are not fit anymore. But I am still wearing it to you because I find it so cute seeing you so botchog in your clothes. Silly mom!!


As much as I don’t want you to grow fast but your kuya A is so excited to play with you. He keeps on asking me if he can play with now because he wants to share his toys. He’s been calling you little Ben 10 while daddy A is Kevin and mommy is Gwen of course he is the Ultimate Ben 10. Yes, anak your kuya A thinks that we are a family of Ben 10 clan. In fact he’s insisting that his 5th birthday will be Ben 10 theme. Oh by the way, your kuya A is suggesting to have Baby Mickey Clubhouse for your first birthday. I hope you don’t mind if he is now planning your birthday. Haha! But do you know that he can’t sleep without you inside our room. I nearly melted on the floor when he said that “you are his best friend “.


I hope you never underestimate the depth of our love for you, our little patootie! 

Your entire family adores you!!



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