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Fun with Opposites

As a learning activity to help little A to learn Opposites . I set out the materials on his play table during his nap..It includes CD’s,cotton for SOFT, colored pasta for HARD,net for ROUGH and satin lace for SMOOTH. Little A and I have been enjoying the time exploring some of the materials we already have in the house. A super fun, messy [but yet clean] sensory activity for him.

I usually try one time to show to him how to do it properly but he refused to do it that way and goes on the way he wants. One thing I learned from teaching him is most activities don’t really turn out like I plan.

But the most essential part is he can expressed himself, he likes what he’s doing and we are having good times. And that’s all that really matters, right?

So I stopped interfering,looked at him and I smiled when he’s starting to show interest. He took the colored pasta and paste it in the CD, then grabbed the cotton and placed it on the CD. The little boy knew exactly what he’s doing and I am a bit nostalgic because he wants to do it by himself without the help of mommy. My heart wants to soar and ache at the same time. He’s growing fast and he’s becoming really smart.

When he’s done I realized that it’s really true that the process of creating craft projects is always more important than the end result. Allowing Little A brings out his creative expression reflects his own unique style and creativity…


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