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Little A as Little Juan Dela Cruz..

In few days from now Ramadan will be over which means we will be back from our usual office timings..Sadness!! Actually we are still hoping that Eid will fall on Thursday para naman atleast di kami lugi and we can still enjoy long weekend before it ends. Hoping!!

Back to our pirate activity, this time we created a pirate sword. When were done with our sword little A noticed that the sword looks like the sword of Juan Dela Cruz. And because of that he doesn’t want to be pirate na!
He said he’s little Juan Dela Cruz and he will fight for the monster daw.
Then he realized that there’s something missing with his weapon, he asked me if I can make him Bow and Arrow same as in the series. Hay naku I really don’t have plan of creating one kasi I don’t know how to do it but he’s so persistent.

Little A – Mommy, can you make me Bow and Arrow so I can be a hero?

Mommy – I am not that crafty, I don’t know how will I do it. Let me think first ok.

Little A – You’re not my best friend now! You’re not helping me!

Mommy – Just because I can’t do your Bow and Arrow were not best friends? That’s unfair!

Little A – Yes mommy! Now I am sad because of you! (showing his super arteng emote)

After 15 minutes of analysing how will I manage to do his request, I gave in! I made him Bow and Arrow made from carton box and rubber bands. You should see his face when he saw that I am working on his Bow and Arrow. And the good news is I did it!! hahaha..never estimate talaga the power of being a mother!

After handling the Bow and Arrow to little A –

Mommy – Here’s your another weapon! The Bow and Arrow

Little A – Your the best mom! Thank you for making my Bow and Arrow! (sabay kiss)

Now how can you say no to this little boy!! Awwww! The joy of having a son!

Presenting The Espada ng Katapangan (Sword of Bravery) and The Pana ng Kagitingan (Bow of Wisdom).


















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