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Teaching bible verse to kids – Psalm 23-1 “Jesus is our Shepherd…

Happy Sunday everyone!

Here are some playful activities to introduce obeying and trusting God to our children in ways that will really get their attention.

Today I am excited to share to you guys our activity last Friday.

Our lesson is Psalm 23:1 “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want.”.

And what better way to teach kids about being Jesus Little Sheep than to incorporate it into their everyday play!

When Teacher Eva and I discussed the lesson, we agreed that she will be doing the story-telling and I will discuss the memory verse.

On the day of teaching we have 18 kids in total and we are all happy that we have enough teachers who will assist the kids in doing arts and crafts.We all agreed to combined Level 1 and level 2 since there are only 5 kids in Level 1

Our aim is to teach kids about trusting GOD in our everyday life. We tried to explain that “I shall not want” means that God will take care of all of our needs.  – Because as we trust HIM we are also obeying HIM.

For easy understanding of the verse Psalm 23:1-6, I made Teacher Eva a visual illustration of the verse using tissue rolls and cotton balls for the sheep.

Kids will always be kids! And they always get excited every time they see something new.










For memory verse – I asked them to make sheep and reflect on God as our Shepherd.




After they are done with their sheep, we let the kids to have a moment of reflection by encouraging them to  share this verse with their parents when they pick them up so their parents will be able to help them practice at home. I printed sticker labels that has Psalm 23:1 written on it and stick at the back of the paper plate.



Right after handling the materials..they all get excited!
And here is the craft we did. It turned out SO cute
They are all enjoying playing their sheep on the green pasture..
While we are busy assisting kids I heard that kids who are done with their artwork are busy playing on the green pastures and they are making sounds. At first I thought mali lang ako ng dinig but when everybody were making noise of saying “MEE-MEE”. I was laughing at them and remind them that the sound of the sheep is “BAA..BAA..”. I guess teachers will agree that we all had a fun time teaching these kiddos..
Special thanks to Teacher Eva, Teacher Annie and Teacher Rossette..

.As the children leave, we reminded them their sheep and say, “Take this home and put it in a special place that you can see everyday. This sheep will remind you that God is our Shepherd and He loves His little sheep deeply!”


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