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Quest in finding the right nursery

Finding the right nursery school for little A is an important milestone decision for daddy A and I, yet it can be exciting and a daunting process. In UAE, you are faced with range of options but since we are living in Sharjah transportation is a serious consideration as well as having our own baby sitter. We are aiming for a nursery school that is close to our place to avoid stress in spending more time travelling to school.

I called some nurseries and asked them if we can enroll little A early next year since the documents of Auntie Mirriam is still on process and they said that they are accepting late enrollees.

I’d outlined some of the possible nurseries and called them to learn about their programmes,operating hours and school fees.  We just need to arrange visit to our short listed choices maybe after the Ramadan.

Choosing a nursery is an important decision and we really need to spend time to make the right choice,hopefully the nursery we choose will be start of a happy and enjoyable educational journey for little A and the rest of our family.

What about you mommies how do you know which nursery school to choose?


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