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Christmas Calendar Countdown- Day 12 -Do you want to build a Snowman

It’s getting a little chilly outside, and ’tis the season for our favorite winter activity. Unfortunately, there isn’t any snow here in UAE, so the #cerradokids have never had the pleasure of building their own versions of Frosty (or Olaf, whichever you prefer).

To satisfy their desire to partake in the winter tradition of snowman fun, I decided to put together a Snowman Building Workshop with softest homemade playdough. 

For our day 12 0f Christmas Calendar Countdown – We build a Snowman and we watched Frosty the Snowman..  

Setting Up the Snowman Playdough Activity

After we made the playdough, I gathered materials that could be used to decorate our snowmen.   We used googly eyes in my crafting supplies. I also found some ribbon that I cut into small strips to use as scarves.  And of course our snowmen would need arms, so I went down hunting for twigs in the vacant lot near our building and added our findings to the supplies.  The kids had a blast making their snowmen at the snowman workshop!  
  I’m sure we’ll be doing this christmas winter activity many more times in the future!   

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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 11 – Eat.Drink and Be Happy

Hello Friends!  

Hope you are all staying warm! It is absolutely cold here. Brrr!  
Because we have been cooped up inside during the long weekend, my boys are starting to go a little stir crazy.So we treat them with their favorite nuggets and fries. 😝😝😝

They were too excited and happy na! Simple happiness!

For Day 11 of our Christmas Calendar Countdown – Dinner at Mc Donald’s


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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 8 – Lego STEAM Challenge

I love all things Christmas and am always excited to do a bit of decorating the house.

This year I decided to add a LEGO Christmas Scene to our christmas calendar countdown.

For our day 8 of christmas calendar countdown we did LEGO STEAM Challenge.

 If you are looking for an easy to make LEGO Christmas activity, I suggest to include this in your list. I asked Angelo to make something Christmas-y and this is what he came up with. A LEGO Christmas tree and little LEGO gifts with LEGO Mixels Santa.

 Happy LEGO building! Have a terrific holiday with your family.

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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 10 – Bake Rainbow Muffins

Christmas season  of course will not be complete without a mother-children baking session. 

For day 10 of Christmas Calendar Countdown we made Rainbow Muffins.   Today my kids thought I was the coolest mom ever. Why? We want to enjoy ourselves. So we don’t aim to have everything perfect activity. We aim to enjoy our time together.  All of these activities are just our way to bond as a family at this time of a year. We don’t want to get stressed and frustrated.  Making Rainbow Muffins for Christmas is such a fun and rewarding experience. It’s a great activity to do with the kids so grab those aprons and start baking. 


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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 7 – Gingerbread Man Craft

Christmas activities are my favorite! The excitement that Christmas creates in children is palpable and I love to use that excitement to fuel learning!

For our day 7 of our Christmas Calendar Countdown – we made gingerbread man.  My kids love this gingerbread man art activity! It’s a fun Christmas collage craft that is open-ended and all about the process.   

I loved seeing their creativity come out. They were super excited to make their gingerbread man. 

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Letter of the week – Dd is for Dinosaur Activities

Say hello to Mr. Dinosaur and our letter of the week Dd.
These activities are to reinforce the color recognition, pre writing skills, cutting skills and reading skills.

Here are some of the ways we worked with the “Dd is for Dinosaur” theme that you can try with your own little ones.

1. Color Recognition

We did dinosaur’s egg matching game. Inigo needs to connect the correct color of the eggs to its appropriate dinosaurs.

 2. Pre Writing skills


3. Dinosaur Alphabet Maze – He need to solve the maze by connecting the letters in order.

 4. Cutting Practice Skills – we are practicing carefully to cut along the gray line. I guess his doing well with his cutting skills.


5.  Reading Skills  – This printable for emergent reader is a fantastic way for Inigo to learn early literacy skills.

The layout is very basic, the words are easy and repetitive, and the pictures are simple. This way,he will not be overwhelmed. 

I introduced the activity by saying, “We’re going to color a book about different kinds of dinosaurs.” Nothing spectacular, but it let him know what the activity would be about.

I read the words to him. I pointed the words and stressed the colors to show how important it is that pictures in a page match the words. Then, I had him color the dinosaurs to the appropriate color.