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Happy Birthday to me🎂

Can you believe it’s nearly August?? Seriously. I’d like to know what happened to June and July! It feels like school just ended for the summer.Before I jump into our new adventure, I wanted to give you a quick heads up of how I celebrated my birthday. Well it’s not a grand celebration but it was full of love. I was with people I loved most! And that’s matter! 

My love for Dubai has grown strongly and steadily alongside it as the years have passed. The city that embraced me as I grew three children in my belly, that has given me friends as close as family, that has offered us opportunity after opportunity, and that truly is ‘home’.

To my friends, sister Raquiza and my parents, thank you so much for all of your greetings and messages. I may not reply to each and everyone but I am so touched reading all of your sweet notes! 




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