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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 14 – Christmas Treats for kids

We are just 12 days away from Christmas!  I don’t know about you, but it just doesn’t seem real yet. 

And speaking of holiday, tomorrow is the last day of Angelo for this term. With that being said he needs to bring food to share with his classmates. And what is christmas party without a sweet, right?!

There’s just something magical about baking and making treats with kids during the holidays.

For our day 14 of our christmas calendar countdown – we baked christmas treats.

 There’s nothing the kids will love more than a good cookie! My kids love cookies too and so I was thinking how I should come up with a cookie option both Angelo and his classmates would enjoy.   We decided to bake M&M cookies because they are colourful and super cute.And of course who doesn’t love M&M chocolates?! Next time I think I’ll make these cookies mini size with mini chocolate chips. Double cute!

To make them look pretty, and exciting, and unbelievably tasty.Each M&M cookie is packed using sandwich bag, in which I cut it into half. To make the kids mouth water in anticipation of consuming this delicious cookie favor, I sealed it with a cute Santa’s bag topper.  

Now I can say that these babies are my new holiday favorite treats.  


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