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Christmas Calendar Countdown- Day 12 -Do you want to build a Snowman

It’s getting a little chilly outside, and ’tis the season for our favorite winter activity. Unfortunately, there isn’t any snow here in UAE, so the #cerradokids have never had the pleasure of building their own versions of Frosty (or Olaf, whichever you prefer).

To satisfy their desire to partake in the winter tradition of snowman fun, I decided to put together a Snowman Building Workshop with softest homemade playdough. 

For our day 12 0f Christmas Calendar Countdown – We build a Snowman and we watched Frosty the Snowman..  

Setting Up the Snowman Playdough Activity

After we made the playdough, I gathered materials that could be used to decorate our snowmen.   We used googly eyes in my crafting supplies. I also found some ribbon that I cut into small strips to use as scarves.  And of course our snowmen would need arms, so I went down hunting for twigs in the vacant lot near our building and added our findings to the supplies.  The kids had a blast making their snowmen at the snowman workshop!  
  I’m sure we’ll be doing this christmas winter activity many more times in the future!   


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