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Letter of the week – Dd is for Dinosaur Activities

Say hello to Mr. Dinosaur and our letter of the week Dd.
These activities are to reinforce the color recognition, pre writing skills, cutting skills and reading skills.

Here are some of the ways we worked with the “Dd is for Dinosaur” theme that you can try with your own little ones.

1. Color Recognition

We did dinosaur’s egg matching game. Inigo needs to connect the correct color of the eggs to its appropriate dinosaurs.

 2. Pre Writing skills


3. Dinosaur Alphabet Maze – He need to solve the maze by connecting the letters in order.

 4. Cutting Practice Skills – we are practicing carefully to cut along the gray line. I guess his doing well with his cutting skills.


5.  Reading Skills  – This printable for emergent reader is a fantastic way for Inigo to learn early literacy skills.

The layout is very basic, the words are easy and repetitive, and the pictures are simple. This way,he will not be overwhelmed. 

I introduced the activity by saying, “We’re going to color a book about different kinds of dinosaurs.” Nothing spectacular, but it let him know what the activity would be about.

I read the words to him. I pointed the words and stressed the colors to show how important it is that pictures in a page match the words. Then, I had him color the dinosaurs to the appropriate color.



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