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Christmas Calendar Countdown – Day 5 – Sparkly.Shimmering.Squishy Playdough Fun

December may just be the busiest month of the year!To make sure that all of our activities stays stress free, I keep things simple, change activities often, and use engaging printable activities like Christmas Playdough Mats.

Searching for kids activity ideas for our christmas calendar countdown days ahead of us, I decided to give homemade glittery play dough a try. I looked for a no-cook playdough recipe and this one caught my eye. I have been pulling one out at a time and setting up different invitations to create.

For our day 5 of our Christmas Calendar Countdown – It’s a Sparkly.Shimmering.Squishy Playdough Fun Afternoon.

 The sparkles really make it look like something extra special and the kids were so excited to play with it.  I set the Christmas playdough mats, which includes fun activities like Making Santa’s beard, making Rudolph’s antlers, decorating a Christmas tree, a wreath, making a snowman,decorating ornaments and presents.   

These are great for practising fine motor skills or just simply letting their creativity go wild.

 So many fun ways to engage with play dough this holiday season! So grab the free printables online and enjoy!


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